Cryptocurrency Round up eBoost and B3 Coin With Tron Update


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Here is a cryptocurrency round up from around the altcoin space. These coins are coming in straight off of the Altcoin Buzz Twitter and Instagram.

Cryptocurrency Round up eBoost and B3 Coin With Tron Update

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. how to lose money in crypto, is to buy into the hype of a coin with the FOMO and FUD, better do your own research and buy low

  2. Wabi is a grest coin, you will see it drive to 1 bill market cap within 2 weeks, atleast 10x your money

  3. Craig Neeve No doubt. I’ve done it being so new. Lesson learned thank God. Hoping to move forward with those 2 lessons learned.

  4. I used to love this channel. I always looked forward to Jeff and the gang vid. But now you just want to cater to the crybabies that are lazy and don’t wanna do their own work. I followed and listened to u for YOU and YOUR choices. I don’t care about all the newbies lame guesses. This is LAME.
    I appreciate all the help. But you can’t please EVERYBODY, stop worrying about what they think, do your thing, talk about YOUR picks for your trained eye. If this keeps up, I’m gone, see because this used to be the best channel, and I would recommend to everyone. Not now.

  5. At one point you need to move on to other coins. I bought ripple and was bourish on it until I realized I was acting on emotions. Bought appcoin when it just came out sitting pretty. Look into tokenpay coming out January 18 don’t chase a train thst already left be on time for the next one have ur btc ready to trade or etherium 🤔 btw still sitting on my ripple hoping the Korean exchange issue will be cleared up

  6. im doing my own research always and duno how or what kind of sorcery is helping me but everytime i buy a lot of some coin altcoinbuzz just make vid about it and its exploding happened like 4 times so far : -D xvg ada tron ember haha

  7. Im a newbie and i’ve also FOMO’d into XP and B3. Lost about 700 bucks and learned a lot from it.

  8. Not trying to sway people either way, but have seen people say the English version of Tron’s white paper was translated by volunteers. So, is it a rip off or mistake? Time will tell

  9. igor larionov Wabi will NOT be going up 800mil in 2 weeks, quote me in 2 weeks. Also that would be 5x gain if it gets to 1bil market cap

  10. I hope tron pulls through for ya. Sincerely man. But I pulled it out at 5x gain last night. Missed out at the 10x gain when it hit 30 cents.

  11. Yes very different. I used to tell everybody that wanted to learn about the #cryptoworld , to check out this channel to learn from some of the best, no hidden strings, crypto guys. Now I’m embarrassed by the direction #altcoinbuzz has turned. It’s more like #altcoinDRAMA . Jeff please stop listening to the rubbish. Maybe turn off your comments so you aren’t tempted to respond. Much love and respect but bummed that my Army turned into this. Can’t let the inmates run the asylum!

  12. It’s an 8 to 10 year plan so buy cheap now and hodl. It won’t put you out of pocket it’s so cheap.

  13. DO NOT USE CRYPTOPIA. Be skeptical of any exchanges and always keep your coins in a wallet. Jeff I am requesting a video on wallets. How do you find wallets for all these new coins?

  14. They’ve had my GBYTE for a month. And it’s most likely because they haven’t updated to the newest wallet yet. They are infamously slow, keep your coins locked up indefinitely, and there’s no way to reach them. Have you ever dealt with their customer support? I don’t want new people signing up and getting a bad taste. All the crypto exchanges have major flaws, but keeping you from withdrawing and trading is unacceptable.

  15. Gary I cant agree more can I ask who you like to follow most.
    I have a few that are really great.. but always looking for more.
    I have 4 sold guys no bullshit right to point.. and AWESOME results if your paitent.

  16. I can’t withdraw out of bittrex OR deposit in bittrex until I have verified myself. Its already been a month since I sent my documents and nothing has been done Bittrex is supposed to be a good exchange right? Sometimes you have to use exchanges like cryptopia to get certain coins you can’t get on other exchanges, it sucks bit its part of the crypto life

  17. People, take a look NOW: Upfiring (UFR)

    – It’s a new coin (it’s not too late to invest)
    – Low circulation supply and low price
    – It’s in pre-hype stage
    – White paper very comprehensive
    – The most important: has a real value

  18. That’s true, like I said, all the crypto exchanges have problems. I don’t have a problem with Bittrex verification policies because they are protecting my coins. I don’t want anything withdrawn without verification and 2fa. Binance is a great exchange, but they still lock up tokens due to maintenance, and it is usually the most expensive exchange (and they won’t let you sort by BTC value which drives me crazy).

  19. All you had to do is look where the heaviest volume is at then BINGO. Just like any other cheap coin. You use the exchange with highest volume DUH

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