Crypto Passive Income 101 – Staking and Masternodes Explained

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In this video, Zach takes you through what staking and masternodes are. He also looks at the difference between the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism like NEO, OK, Pivx, Lisk, and Ark are using and masternodes like Dash, Ionomi, and Smartcash use.
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Crypto Passive Income 101 – Staking and Masternodes Explained


  1. +sak rou there will be pooled staking available Also, there was a calculator built (google it) where someone speculated the returns (I believe it was about 3-5% yearly based on transaction volume).

    So the answer to your question is, “more ADA”

  2. Good job, waited a year…. no proof of concept and lost 98% LOL . and when u do stake… you’ll get .001%

  3. Charles Fuchs You sound like a dumbass that has no patience or have no concept of how building a project works. Who cares that a year has passed? Cardano is a long term hodl & if you can’t wait a couple years then the crypto space is not for you 🙂

  4. P3DHeem Also I got into crypto this April so I haven’t lost 98 % of my investment dummy. Go focus on making YouTube videos on Facebook 😂😂😂😂

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