Crypto on Twitter! Craig Wright vs ETH & XRP, Market Sentiment, Bakkt Delay

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In this video, Darko takes a look the important as well as funny cryptocurrency tweets on twitter. This is a weekly segment!

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Crypto on Twitter! Craig Wright vs ETH & XRP, Market Sentiment, Bakkt Delay


  1. BTC to maintain market structure needs to stay above $1300 if it goes below it wont die but it will most likely not get back to a new ATH

  2. Been calling this for a several months. …Crypto Jumped the Shark in January 2018. Inevitably somebody will be replying what an idiot I am. If someone says HODL tell them to F-off.

  3. The current market for bitcoin is highly unstable and the trajectory is generally downward which spells danger for most investors but then, this is still a very good time to make money off crypto if you know what to do. Value will continue to go down as support is weak and continue to dip but even with this trend that has been persistent for some time now, i made over $43000 in the past 2 weeks and i was able to do this by day trading with a strategy crafted by Wesley Williams for a market as such. You can reach him for inquiries ( *( wesleywillclinic @ gmail com )* ) on how you can make profit quickly off your coins which you have lost on already by hodling or as a new investing plan entirely. He would guide you on what to look out for when choosing a broker, how to identify and implement your entry and exit points accurately and how to be consistent in profit. The best thing about him is he provides you with free signals for a limited period to validate the market and also his strategy.

  4. Past performance is not an indication of future results. HODL is not investment advice, and your capital is at risk as cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in price and are, therefore, not appropriate for all investors but those who have been able to find a good system of trade devoid of emotions which can ruin you financially. The current trend of hodling currency for life from a financial point of view is a wrong strategy for profiting.

  5. MrHarrilasagna Not new here. But I do hope you’re right. I started playing this game in January. Probably got down 70% on 10k. Now, after I stop following YouTubers BS analysis I’m only down 30%, pulled out 4k back to Fiat. 3k left to gamble to try and get even. 2k still parked in USDT.

  6. That’s new friend. This is your first crash. This is only one of the 4th largest corrections. You say it’s a game and talk of gambling means that you’re here to make money and not replace it. While many are here to replace money. This a natural thing. This is the time to buy, not the time to sell. Keep a tight stop loss next time and you’re perspective will change. Accumulating on a downtrend is the best to mitigate losses.

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