Crypto News 29.10.2018

Israeli blockchain startups have tripled this year to 200

There are now more than 200 blockchain-based businesses in Israel, according to a report by the Israeli Blockchain Association. The blockchain association claims that at least 57 Israeli DLT startups are using blockchain to disrupt the nation’s financial technology (Fintech) ecosystem while 37 firms are focused on the Protocols/Core Infrastructure sectors and several others operate in the security sector of the economy.

Founding Partner of the Israeli Blockchain Association Roman Gold said “The Israeli blockchain ecosystem is presently experiencing both a boost and a transformation…more institutional players are starting to enter the market. In essence, the market is going through self-purification”

Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp acquired by gaming group NXC

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has been acquired by NXMH, an investment firm based in Belgium and owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. The firm took a majority ownership stake through the deal. Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrič will retain a minority ownership stake and continue running the operations. NXMH’s parent company, NXC, also owns the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit, and is South Korea’s biggest game developer.

Bitstamps CEO said the customers will not see any immediate change in services & that the exchange has an existing roadmap for improvement, which it intends to stick to for the time being. In a statement, NXMH investment manager Hendrik Ghys said “Bitstamp is one of the oldest and most-respected cryptocurrency exchanges and we see positive growth potential as the industry continues to evolve … We acquired Bitstamp because we see it as a strategic, long-term investment.”

Small Canadian Bitcoin exchange reportedly pulls exit scam with users funds

A small Bitcoin exchange based in Alberta, Canada, has gone offline. Before their Twitter page went offline, MapleChange had announced on Twitter that they had “no more funds to pay anyone back.” The exchange said that a “bug” had enabled “some people” to withdraw all of the funds on the exchange. Some may recall a time when Mt. Gox claimed similar problems. $6 million in users funds are missing.

The relatively small exchange’s Twitter account only has ~2,000 followers. Many people are saying the MapleChange “hack” has all the signs of an exit scam. Firstly, the exchange is reportedly in debt. 2nd, right after the hack the exchange deleted all social media, effectively totally disappearing. The domain itself, registered at GoDaddy by one “Flavius P,” is not regarded as being “professionally named.” Also, the timing of the “hack” was early on Sunday morning when people are asleep.

Kraken Daily Market Report for 28.10.2018


$40.5M traded across all markets today

Crypto News 29.10.2018


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