Crypto Market Crash, Now What? Bitcoin is Evil! Fortnite for Christmas? – Cryptocurrency News


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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin Cash drama nears its end, Fortnite or crypto for Christmas? Bitcoin is Evil! Russian gallery gets into blockchain.

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Bitcoin Cash

BCH Fork: Bitcoin Cash Hash Wars Begin With ABC Outpacing SV


Bitcoin Coffee

Rosetta Coffee Adopts Crypto for International Export, Improved Farmer’s Pay

Russia Blockchain

Bitcoin Evil


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Crypto Market Crash, Now What? Bitcoin is Evil! Fortnite for Christmas? – Cryptocurrency News

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  1. More retail investors are existing the market but more institutional investors are entering the market.

  2. Nice Rat on the Shoulder My Man! LOL….. I had to do a rub of the eyes to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

  3. My view : the word FAKE is not relevant. Think about it : free market will : either replace BTC as the leading currency in the crypto-space OR not. The future will tell and I LOOOOOOVE this type of drama. Remember: nobody dies….it’s all evolution and a fun game. No earthquakes or tsunamis. BlockChain is evolution of our digital world and which currency-currencies that will “win”, “dominate” is PURE SPECULATION. My suggestion : let’s stay professional and constructive like LARK. -Joakim

  4. I hope Craig & Roger spend a lot of money fighting each other – while everyone moves away from these toxic guys and they’re pet projects.

  5. I saw your newsletter also. U, crypto zombie, crypto candor amd crypto 99 really smashed that 65 page magazine! 2 thumbs up. Made me wanna scoop up some VeChain on sale, Nebulas on your list too? Thaks again love it

  6. Love the Russian art gallery crypto application. Crypto use cases are bound only by the limits of
    our collective creativity.

  7. Yep still here since December 2017. I must be crazy lol. Thank you Crypto Lark for your almost daily crypto news. You and Crypto zombie are the two favourite commentators in our family. Teaching our 3 and 5 year old all about it…. And the moon 😉😂

  8. Nice one. I’ll continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. Been doing it all year. It can’t keep going down forever.

  9. I love you too. Good quick vid. Keep it more interesting with stuff like the random rat and showing us different backgrounds for every vid or two. Even if it’s just changing up the painting, it helps. Been in crypto since 2016 and don’t see it ever disappearing, just evolving.

  10. Awesome! Thank you for watching, checking out the pigzbe wallet when it hits shops, should be good for the young ones

  11. Been investing in crypto since 2013 and am still way up because i got in really early but way down from the 2017 ATH. Do I wish i took profits during the ATH? Of course!! But you know what they say hindsight is 50/50. I just know that the “great transfer of wealth” into crypto is going to happen one of these days, I can feel it in my bones. I don’t take profits even when I know should because I don’t want to be sitting in fiat when it does happen. That would suck. With that being said I’ve been accumulating all year especially now because I truly do believe this is the last time we’ll see prices like this again after institutional investor fomo sets in. For everyone afraid, ask yourself this. Do you think crypto isn’t going to be valued in the trillions of dollars within this decade? I’m quite certain it will be. I’m not a financial advisor but I am going to give you advice, accumulate and HODL and above all, be in it for the long haul. BE PATIENT.

  12. Well, I didn’t notice there was a rat at all for the whole video. Not even when he flipped it on the floor. I had to read the comments and rewind to see it all in action. Cryptos are THAT fascinating, mate.

  13. Lark, Thanks for your insight. The winners are here to stay. Let’s get together for a beer in Lichtenstein soon.🍺🍺🍺🍺.

  14. Dude I didn’t even notice it until he flicked it off! Wtf! Lol I’m on mobile but still how did I miss that?!

  15. +The Crypto Lark thanks so much man. I appreciate the insight on those shirts you rock! In this blood bath of a market and over the last 2 years I must say you are a favorite of mine. Might be your background in education (i believe that’s right) or just your overall awesomeness. Any Blockchain conferences worth mentioning or that you might be attending sooner than later. Really want to get to a conference to be around like minded people, and see current and new innovation. Need more crypto and blockchain homies… Lol

  16. LOL, I didn’t even see the BTC Rat until like 3:45 into the video. I also see the BCH drama as irrelevant but they do bring up a valid concern for BTC such as hashing attacks and the future potential that BTC may fall into the hands of a few people who control it… Big problems but the power of trustless money is still worth fighting for… It may come from another project or BTC may work out the kinks. Either way, we need to stay vigilant in fighting for our freedom and more importantly our children’s freedom. At least these BCH wars are being fought in petty shows of hashing power and baseless verbal threats. We’ve seen real wars over FIAT in the past… if this is the worst we’re going to see from the crypto space then we’re doing really good!

  17. i lost 75% of my savings, invested in 2017 hehe but i worked the whole year 2018 now i will invest again, i will buy BTC,XRP, IOTA,ICX,VEN, ETH hope i dont make a mistake.. good luck to everyon

  18. +xqbj qboro
    No it’s not what they want us to do. They want us to panic sell so they can sweep up our btc cheap, then resell it to their clients for 40 thousand each.

  19. +VentionMGTOW Or do they want you to keep buying the dips to raise the price up so they can offload more of their btc to crash it again

  20. You’re a great speaker and an un-apologetically unique character Lark. Brilliant!! I couldn’t agree more – bitcoin cash ABC / Satoshi’s vision pfffftttt all rubbish that does nothing to justify it’s price and will most likely soon go to it’s true value.

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