Crypto Bull Run Will Happen! Historic LITECOIN Transaction – Today’s Crypto News


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In this video, Mattie talks about Binance CEO's unwavering optimism as well as a historic litecoin transaction. This is a daily segment!
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Impressive: $62 Million of Litecoin Moved For Less Than $0.50

The 1M+ Litecoin Transaction valued at $62M sent for just 50¢

LTC on CoinGecko

Binance CEO: Crypto Bull Run Will Happen

CZ on Twitter

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CRYPTO EXCLUSIVE: Van Eck ETF – We are VERY close!!

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Crypto Bull Run Will Happen! Historic LITECOIN Transaction – Today's Crypto News

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  1. Yes, yes, we have been told for months now the bull run is coming. When please? In a year? 5 years? When?? Anyone can say the bull run is coming, and if you wait long enough, they will probably be right. That isn’t helpful. When is it coming??? This man CZ is saying nothing; all he is doing is making vague statements.

  2. 💪⚡️👍 U sleep on LTC You have not been paying attention IMO.. 5 of top 20 will be around forever and BTC and LTC are not going anywhere. Do homework 📚 choose wisely those that are in it for the long run 🏃

  3. Litecoin Core .17 update will make that fee more around 5 cents for the same transfer…cheaper than any BCH or future BCH fork can do. Not to mention LTC will have atomic swaps with the real BTC and is on just about every exchange in the world. The choice is clear.

    In terms of Brave and ad blocking, the BitTube browser extension currently in beta will make BAT obsolete as it does the same thing but can be used on all browsers. But if you like BAT you can also use the TUBE extension on Brave to get paid with both TUBE and BAT at the same time.

  4. aka Action #NaKaMottoUnitY shhhhh don’t tell them, let them keep buying hype coins like XRP and TRX 🤫

  5. Litecoin is a sleeping giant just saying.

    LTC moved 96 million a few months ago too for a few pennies.

    Fees are going down 90% after the next update. Fees will never go over a penny even in a bull market

  6. What was the emission curve of LTC? Charlie, did you foresee a need for a particular type of emission?

    Imagine if the majority of the world released their fiat currency in one huge dump when it was released?

    Results in price instability.

    Crypto projects need an S curve release if they are to be used as a currency.

  7. Why? You like it so you can speculate on it or because you think it’s a currency or a store of wealth?

  8. I think it is a storer of wealth, also a form of currency. I can pay people for things also. Peer to peer no middle man. Anywhere on earth I would have access to as much as I have.

  9. +edit name ima buy Verge. Ima take out a small loan of a million dollars and go all in on it…. I’m joking

  10. This year we won’t have a bull market i can now be sure why? Because we are already in mid November and not a slight real move is happening at all! market looks very dull and no big money in play only small millions transfering from coin to another when there is some fork or news mainly pumpers and daily traders who hunt some opportunities no trend pure flat market well at least we finally found bottom but maybe we bear again because if good months make no gain then bad months will smash the market again thats my opinion

  11. +RigoRocks23 Tone Vays in his most recent video would beg to differ, which only goes to show that when it comes to crypto and technicals, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  12. as long as people keep shouting “the bull-run is coming”… it simply will not come.
    THINK: If we had re-occurring, predictable bull runs everyone would know when to buy when to sell and keep stacking higher after each run. It don’t work like that for reasons obvious.

  13. Switcheo is what you need to review a DEX that has ledger integration and is in the process of adding ERC pairings this year. AND A FIAT GATEWAY, THIS YEAR !

  14. Whats your view of Electroneum since it has 15-30 deals with mobile operators for mass adoption in 2019.

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