Crypto BOUNCES BACK!! Fantom, Harmony, Celer Network and 7% USD Inflation


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Bitcoin and crypto bounced back nicely today on the back of 7% USD inflation news released by the federal reserve. The cryptocurrency market and BTC were always designed as a store of value and safe haven.

We look at layer 1 winners such as Fantom FTM, Harmony ONE ,Celer Network CELR and NEAR. We also look at Moonbeam GLMR news and STRIKE which is launching Bitcoin Lightning Services in Argentina.


0:00 Crypto and Bitcoin Market Pump
2:15 Federal Reserve 7% USD Inflation
5:57 Harmony ONE
8:51 Fantom FTM
9:12 Polygon MATIC and Unbound Finance
10:23 Moonbeam Network GLMR
11:55 Celer Network CELR
12:55 STRIKE Laucnhes Bitcoin Lightning in Argentina




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Crypto BOUNCES BACK!! Fantom, Harmony, Celer Network and 7% USD Inflation

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. What do you think – is the 7% USD inflation news the main reason we’re seeing a crypto bounce??

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  3. Gday from Australia.. Redfox is the winner of the day and you need to pay attention to them and their roadmap..

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