Coinpark – Get Paid in Crypto to Exchange

Best Crypto Exchange – 0,08% Fees

Coinpark is a collaborative exchange being supported by Bibox and operating on a negative exchange fee model, and offereing a generous dividend system.

Disclosure: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes.
Furthermore, I hold some CP tokens



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Coinpark – Get Paid in Crypto to Exchange


  1. Larks burning the midnight oil.
    with 10 billion tokens they have plenty of time. over that time they can make large one-off trades with other exchanges at a cheaper rate, compared with an individual user.
    Interesting. They just need more diverse tokens.

  2. There will be many just like centralized and decentralized exchanges, we will see many negative fee models

  3. Coinpark looks pretty good…
    So far, investing into platforms tokens can be more safe than investing some ALT coins …
    It s like if I was betting on the bank (0 and 00) when I go to the casino, except that in this case, in every case the zero and double zero are connected to all the other numbers …

  4. The Crypto Lark as long as BTC doesn t collapse, it will do find for a while …
    The BTC purge are a very good way to eliminate all the parasites and toxic investments…😉

  5. I followed the CoinPark launch and it was horrible. So many issues, so many people unable to take their money off the exchange, no clear announcements/milestones, many were worried about their money.
    Once those exchanges are out of tokens they will simply end, because what is then the point of trading there anymore? FEES are still high on those exchanges, you just do not notice it, because they give you AIR tokens for trading, they create them out of nothing.
    You know why they need these exchanges?
    -> ICOs do not give private/seed (…) investors those amazing returns anymore and now they need something new to bait the masses for giving them their money. What would be better than paying out dividends? Yeah great. But once there are a lot of tokens circulating you’ll get nearly nothing anymore for one token -> SO the more tokens, the less dividend -> The less dividend, the less the token is worth.
    Look at Bgogo they had an okay model. I asked them about the buyback system and everything and the token price should/could increase was scouting for some issues there.
    But then i saw that BEFORE Bgogo even launched they already took money from their seed investors and started investing in seed rounds of other projects (AirBloc for example). ABSOLUT JOKE. This is just absolut Ponzi mode. Every project which takes money and invests this money into other projects seed rounds is not investing the raised money in their project -> HENCE they don’t even need the money they raise for their project, but just to get into the ICO funding business to dump on the retail investors. The whole space increases financial fraud currently and i really encourage anybody to look behind the curtain and not just blindly buy into everything what promises a quick $.
    Watch Meltem Demirors talking about the shitcoin waterfall, that’s what is happening here. Everybody wants to start a project and raise money as long as it’s easily possible in this space, ICOs are getting more quality now, so it’s harder to actually raise a lot, now it’s this exchange fee model… This one will die much faster IMO.

  6. Atif Mehmood Coinex is a bad exchange. It failed to distribute its airdrop tokens to people who didn’t pass kyc in just 2 days max. It all happened so fast that people didn’t got the chance to even know what happened. There customer service is rubbish and just follow what they want to beleive. They just use snicky tricks to make you feel as it your fault.

  7. What’s the catch? Yet another way to skin a cat as we trade on their platform. I am at the point where I cannot tell if this works or not. In other words 15:00 in and my head hurts. It concerns me to hear they are not concerned about making money…for now. Intriguing model. Again let’s see. Aloha Lark.

  8. My mother always told me “if anything sounds too good to be true it probably is.” I will pass and watch to see what happens. Too many people in crypto treat retail investors as a mark.

  9. Hey there what are the investment plans for August? Best ICOs? Glass? ORCA? Moonlight? Need thoughts

  10. Lark looking at current price of coins there is a lot of great opportunities to invest some money. Maybe in near future video in your opinion top 10 undevalued cryptos at the current markets. Keep it up and stay real, pozdrav from sLOVEnija.

  11. Hahahahahaha, yeah, this new exchange model is really interesting, but time will tell how it plays out

  12. Yes, the negative fee models are a bit crazy, but it is an interesting new development in the industry

  13. The exchange works like this, when you transact they return your fees to you in their native token, their token gives you a daily dividend (like Kucoin), by providing heavy incentives to users they hope to make themselves popular and to make money off of withdrawal fees, the 12% of the tokens the company holds (which is huge), and listing fees. It is a model that remains to be proven in terms of viability long term.

  14. Hi Mr Lark i could help but notice that when i bought my must have coins who grew well industry must have’s are not in the top gainers, i guess if i buy the new ones they will end up like the ones i have now. I hoped Bitcoin would hold at $7600 & is looking that way but what do you think its next run will get too, me thinks $9s region.

  15. I wouldn’t jump into this. Do you know that the platform lunched in late June and since then (due to a myriad of reasons) they have been offline for 20 days!!!!!! Even when they came back online balances where shown incorrectly and investors were unable to withdraw. Their Telegram group is a joke. It is supposed to be the English group (because there is a Chinese group also) but once you have shifted through all the Japanese, Chinese and Russian you most of the time get the reply “please check our website for official communication”. Need i go on? Last but not least Aries WAS NOT 100% transparent with regards to the 50.000CP lock up dividends incentive. In fact the potential investor needs 50kCP plus other assets that have a total value of 5ETH in order to qualify for the payout. He (Ariers) never mentioned this in this interview. You have been warned!!!!!!

  16. 20 days service was off. dont forget that. trading is maintenance 🙂

  17. This isn’t new and people should like this. FCoin first started this and Binance was so angry. Coinpark really stumbled in the beginning with unfulfilled promises on start dates. It looks like they are recovering well. After all, Coinpark has a partnership with Bibox. Bkex is another trans fee mining exchange. Coinex is my favorite trans fee mining exchange right now and it’s a great buy. Bitmain has an investment in Coinex/CET. The exchanges make money because theoretically they should all be the top exchanges compared to scams like most exchanges in regards to fees. Trans fee mining and dividends are a really good thing for the user despite what the billionaire Binance CEO might tell you.

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