Chinese New Year Cryptocurrency Annual Sell Off!!!!

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Guys the Cryptocurrency veterans have insisted that I put out the word here that this market correction is an annual event with the Lunar New Year in China. Every year around this time there is a cryptocurrency sell off where our Asian bros take profit to travel and celebrate the holiday. If you can hang tight until February based on historical data, there should be a recovery and another run.

Chinese New Year Cryptocurrency Annual Sell Off!!!!

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  1. Hold, buy, repeat. Ladder buys all the way down. Patience, not panic. When it runs, it will run like never before. The good times ahead will be appreciated that much more. Now stop hitting refresh on cmcap and your portfolio. Relax.

  2. Clif high said mid feb for the next bull run….btc will break out of 13800….hold on folks….go to the gym…i started working out again…feels great.

  3. Time to buy up before the chineese re enters. Forget about the wild wild west its the wild wild east.

  4. I started in December 2017. The advice you gave to HOLD is the best and I have stayed true to that. I am willing to hold as long as it takes. Thanks for the awesome advice Altcoin buzz.

  5. Actually I think this “correction” is healthy and crypto will continue to grow significantly this year. This activity is normal and the cycle has been occurring throughout 2017. Here is what happens-


    (1)   New money comes in – prices go up

    (2)   Experienced investors/Whales sell off after spike in prices

    (3)   Less experienced investors panic and sell

    (4)   The further the prices drop the less likely people are to sell

    (5)   When people stop selling the Experienced investors/Whales buy back in at the bottom

    (6)   The less experienced panic sellers get FOMO and buy back in (often at a loss)

    (7)   The less experienced sellers gain experience and learn not to panic sell next time

    (8)   End result is all the money re-enters the market and the population of experienced investors increases which raises the “bottom” the next time the cycle repeats and hence the market cap continues to increase over time

  6. This too shall pass Jeff. Chin up mate, Ive been in since 2010 and cross my fingers for this time of year. Target rich environment.

  7. Not worried about this, as I am a long term holder, but I doubt that todays dump was because of the Chinese New Year. The entire market took a massive dump across majority of coins at exactly the same time. Do you mean to say every Chinese/Lunar New Year celebrator telepathically agreed to sell their holdings at the same time? There’s more to the story here.

  8. I think the point he’s trying to make is that Jeff’s just fucking guessing, I’ve been watching some of these “newer” under a year old youtuber crypto channels and most of them that i had subbed to i have unsubbed from as most don’t have a fucking clue and I’m only new to Crypto myself, BUT what i’m not new to is telling when people are bullshitting me, and when you can hear the FUD in Jeffs voice and see inconsistencies from video to video, he’s looking for any explanation to explain this dip, maybe he feels a little guilt for telling people to buy this and that when the markets still tanking? that I don’t know,, only jeff knows, but I am getting to the point where altcoin buzz may be coming off my “subbed” list.

  9. r3d3vil11 bullshit. There is no such fear in the Asian markets. That is FUD being spread amongst the Western world. Nobody in China is afraid of a ban. Chinese government itself gives 3 craps about Crypto. Except miners because of power consumption. That is about the only negative news to come out of there, and it’s old news. China started looking into mining restrictions back in April of 2017. That didn’t stop this market from exploding.

    No what you have here is a market that has exhausted its run. It’s going to be like this for now. Sporadic spikes, with deeper consolidation. This is what happens when a market is priced on speculation and wishful thinking. The supply no longer feeds the demand. Things need, and will pullback. Once these companies start making new breakthroughs with blockchain, and we get actual working products, then you will see another explosion in the market.

    Until then, steady hands. Research, research, research, and only invest in top quality players. None of these Alt coin trash cans.

  10. Every day I keep buying thinking it’s the dip, and next day dips even further. Running out of money to buy the dip

  11. I find it convenient that no one explains the market crashes until the market crashes. Like this time it’s “oh it’s the Chinese New year sell off it happens every year”.. 😑… Ok so why didn’t I see any posts a few days prior saying “hey remember there’s probably gonna be a sell off with the Chinese New Year coming up”…. Not one YouTuber I follow mentioned even a possibility of this happening and now it’s all they can talk about. Everyone’s an expert when speaking retrospectively

  12. I moved away from the laptop 2 days ago and have done minimal checking. I’m staying away from a few days and HODL-ing as hard as I can

  13. @ Lynx Star Automotive. But this doesn’t explain, why money went out so fast and in such huge amounts.

  14. It’s not new year Jeff.

    “China: After Banning Exchanges, Authorities Move To Close ‘Exchange-Like Services’”

    We sold out of binnace and took profits. With the raids in South Korea which is where the Binance servers are and the Chinese government hinting it’s going to raid and close all Chinese exchanges it a lot for the market to deal with so we took the profits a few days ago and cashed into dollars. We shall see what happens next 30 days

  15. Best reply today. Id everbody knew did, we’d all have sold three days ago and we would have bought back today. There’s something else I don’t get: How in the world is it possible to withdraw 100 billion dollars in a few minutes? It’s very annoying and very strange…

  16. i’m Asian and i can tell you the Lunar New Year this year falls on Feb 15. We are one month away. Too early for this Lunar New Year explanation! Chinese brothers don’t take one month long vacation lol. This correction is because of some other reasons..

  17. Yeah ok bro, futures market trading on wall street wasn’t around then. Different beast this year they pump and dump the market manipulating it. Look throughout history, they did this with stocks to. When they don’t understand something, they control it buy bringing in massive money and owning everything up so they can swing it up then down never really making massive rises happen because that is not to their benfit when they can just sink something 50% buy in and do it all over again. Different year this year 2017 was a one hit wonder, things like futures didn’t exist then. More than just 150+ billion coming out for gifts LMAO

  18. Look we know you’re a guy. Stop fudding Altcoin Buzz, it’s starting to get old seeing you everywhere.

  19. Doc Wicked thanks for the clarification, I first started on in 2014 and never paid to much attention, just watched it rise, I just find it hard to believe 150+ billion is going toward gifts and party favors.

  20. Same here, i have some cash but i’m snowed in and the banks are too far away. It might become a blessing in disguise for us all if this continues to dip further.

  21. lol chase ,FOMO is fear of missing out … as in she wants to buy more ! but doesn`t have spare cash ,or to put it easier for you she will miss the sales !

  22. I agree with this, and I can fondly remember when I became part of the number 7 group. The drop last night did not bother me the slightest. Actually kind of fun to watch. I do feel bad for those people who put way to much of their savings in there and probably had a heart attack and sold at a loss. But other then that it was cool! buying oppurtunity I feel!!

  23. I follow several Crypto YouTubers also. Not a single one said anything about this supposed Annual event.

  24. great if you have liquid…if this video warned of this patter a week before we could’ve taken out our position, bought way more when the market was down and become millionaires *sigh*

  25. Phil Vigil I made a vid explaining EXACTLY how the bankers would begin crashing bitcoin during tax season bro. Go check. Lol

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