Chat with Bitesizebitcoin Part 2 – Patience, Politics, and More Cheese

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Chat with Bitesizebitcoin Part 2 – Patience, Politics, and More Cheese


  1. Before this lil series I only knew Peter of the pair, it could have been the other way around and id of been just as thankful to you both for piecing each other together, both now my mentors in this sphere

  2. Hey Rory, You know I just haven’t had a chance to look into the fundamentals of Bankera yet, part of me just wants to throw come cash at it, but that would be going against my principles of doing my due diligence first. I might try and do it as my next review, bfore the Pre-ico ends. Thanks for the reminder

  3. yes i threw a few sheckles at it, a nominal amount, if you do that video or if you could describe in a video how things work from pre to post ico and some idea of how the post ico price is determined and some examples of whats happenned in the past. Although im totally aware that the landscape could be completely different in a year. ps im a total newb, i just got involved in the past month. i too am a nem fanboy. great work and keep it up.

  4. i thought of another question, if i was to harvest nem with the minimum ammount 10000 xem what return or advantage could i expect

  5. FRUMUNDA CHEESE……….send him some LARK frumunda cheese lol my brothaaa lark is the crypto man!

  6. This poor fella thinks he’s a cheese maker when he is obviously a DTube star in the making. He must have made cheese on a lark, because his Crypto savvy is spot on.

  7. So many awesome coins. Wish i had more money.
    These videos you make are awesome mate.
    I’m really excited with the Stratis project.

  8. China will be regulated and tied to the fiat, while brics coin is developed and flg that a digital coin for China. So, I see slow progression imo.

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