Cardano ADA – Blockchain and Smart Contracts By Academics and Engineers

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Do we really need to kill Ethereum? Cardano is an amazing new project that you need to check out!

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Cardano ADA – Blockchain and Smart Contracts By Academics and Engineers


  1. I bought some. I think it’s a great coin. Good team behind it, so got a little trust. But it’s always the question with new coins or it’s gonna be a good coin….

  2. Ada looks better than Ripple; they should list on Cryptopia but Bittrex it is, Bittrex is where it shall be.

  3. I dont know but lets buy a bag and hooooooold.
    Who knows… It can be big some day…maybe.

  4. They have already made agreements with other exchanges and will announce in due time – so they say

  5. For people curious about the mining & “treasury” system:

    “The block rewards will be introduced into the Cardano Protocol in 20 epochs (approximately 3.5 months) after its Launch, and the rate of issuance of Ada will be follow the schedule below:

    2,000 ADA per block for the initial 3,744,961 blocks,
    1,000 ADA per block for the subsequent 3,744,961 blocks,
    500 ADA per block for the subsequent 3,744,961 blocks,
    and so on and so forth, in such a way that the ADA per block will be halved every 3,744,961 blocks.
    Given that 3 new blocks will be generated every minute, 99.95% of the additional 14,979,843,678 ADA necessary to reach the 45,000,000,000 ADA will be issued in approximately 24 years.

    Of the ADA that will be issued per block:

    75% of it will be given to the protocol participants as a block reward.
    25% of it will be directed to a special address that is earmarked for the Cardano Treasury, from which developers and ecosystem participants could request the funding of their projects, and the stakeholders of the system would vote to approve or reject their proposals. (The mechanism by which the Cardano Treasury will operate will not be available at the launch of Cardano but the mechanism and its implementation are currently under research and development.)”


  6. hmm japan backing prefer that over china anyway. all though supply seem to be bit worrying. i buy some anyways cheers lark

  7. Just bagged 200000. Charles Hoskinson really sold me on this. Plus there’s tonnes of info out there about IOHK the team and their philosophy. Forget the moon, We are going to the edge of the universe. See you guys again in 5 years! 💰💰💰

  8. Crypto Giveaways Wow…thats discipline and dedication.Hopefully it pulls a neo, three years from now….Neo started at 0.03 😉

  9. this cardano
    is time to buy and hold
    long term investment

    Buy this ADA like you buy Bitcoin year 2010

    buy this ADA like you buy
    Erthereum Jan 2017

    this is like play rollette casino
    nobody can’t 100% predict price future. but still kan predict to 70% correct.

  10. Anyone wanna help me get to the moon? 🎄Tis’ the season for giving
    BTC 1GqYSKwNWV8zrvJW8QhXAUbcmnUUDFbbqr

  11. Waaaooo………. You did it…… at that time I was about to buy Cardano but I Bought ethereum…… I hope you NEVER sold it…… I dont know you but Iam very happy for you

  12. Awesome work! If possible i would like to see you give an update on Cardano at its current state. Thank you.

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