Can XRP Overtake Bitcoin in Market Cap Price?

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Can XRP overtake the market cap of Bitcoin? What will it mean for the cryptocurrency markets if it happens?


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Can XRP Overtake Bitcoin in Market Cap Price?

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  1. The day XRP takes over market cap is the day I will sell all my bitcoin. Not that I dislike xrp or anything but more for what it stands for and how it goes against everything bitcoin was meant to stand for.

  2. If you count the gigantic mountain of xrp tokens that Garlinghouse and his buddies have printed for themselves, xrp has been above the bitcoin marketcap in the past (if I understand right).
    Problem is, xrp isn’t a crypto. It’s a centralized garbage token. Brad and his buddies can censor and reverse transactions and do all the other things that centralized banksters have been doing for centuries. Also Brad and his central team are vulnerable to arrest and threats. All that needs to happen is for such threats to be applied and then suddenly they are working for organized crime rather than for themselves or those who have invested in their xrp security. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot poll.

  3. Both will be around for the rest of our lifetimes IMO. Invest in both. That’s my strategy.


  5. It’s important to remember that XRP doesn’t actually “stand for” anything. Granted, XRP currently has an excellent use case for banks with cross-border payments etc. However, because of this adoption, it won’t be too long before XRP’s own fungibility increases to a point where the need to swap fiat currencies will become less and may even eventually become redundant. XRP could be then become a “world currency” in its own right.

  6. Buffet purchased 2 fin tech companies, which are involved in blockchain and remittance. I would not be surprised if all the banks are involved and create their own payment system, very soon And XRP, gets tossed aside.

  7. I honestly don’t think that XRP haters realise what XRP is, what it has already achieved, and what it will become in the near future. There’s no harm in trying to make some profit with it, even if you’re a bitcoin lover.

  8. I think the future of BTC’s worth won’t come down to transaction speed but ultimately store of value. Digital gold as some would call it. I think when institutions come into the game in big numbers BTC will solidify its place as number 1.

  9. Great video and thanks. I agree that XRP will do well in the short time but the world is getting tired of the US endless wars so in the long term decentralization thus BTC.

  10. Lark, that was unequivocally the best explanation I’ve heard on this topic. It was a pleasure to hear an unbiased and intelligent opinion on this scenario. Although I’m pretty sure I know which way you lean. Great job!

  11. Nope, Bitcoin won’t remain as the king. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and about 80% of the other coins are more centralized than XRP. Do a better research and then talk about which coin or token can be manipulated by different entities.
    Everyone is talking about the technology and stuff, but let’s be honest, we are for the money and then technology, if not, why do you invested in Crypto?

  12. Brandon Langlie just need a decentralised version with a fixed supply. Just for surety you know? Good to know your currency isn’t controlled by a central money-god IF you know what I mean.

  13. To my opinion. XRP does have good value. I never was a hater. Even though I am pro crypto.I think it’s worth giving XRP attention. Just for the fact, it comes across as something that won’t be going away anytime soon. Just like Wall Street and all those corporate gurus. Love it or hate it. They will be around for a long time. That’s life. I imagine if XRP ever goes to the top of all cryptos ever though then that brown monkey under your painting there might come to life and crawl around your room. lol, Anyways thanks for the review. Enjoyed, JR!

  14. This is XRP a security is way overplayed, even if it is deemed a security it will impact price in the short term but once this hurdle is overcome the sky should be the limit. Also people referring to XRP as a bank coin is incorrect, as it’s main purpose is to lower the cost/time taken for settlement of remittances from the millions of expats sending money back home. Also the growing ecosystem for projects using XRP (COIL, XRP TipBot, OMNI) will further increase demand and further ensure this digital asset survives in the long run.

  15. Yep.. considering what’s going on and all the conflicting info, checking the charts every friking moment etc.. you get to a stage where you don’t really give a hoot as long as it makes a bit of dollar. 🙂 Christmas is coming.. that’s for sure 🙂

  16. Nice content, I invest and trade in both along with a few others. Gotta say, the whiney, childish baby screams between factions can be entertaining if somewhat silly.

  17. The very definition of store of value is that it will hold it’s value against other assets thus calling BTC a store of value when it has in fact one of the worst performing assets (outside of crypto) this year I find somewhat troubling, Stable coins are in the long run more likely to be better at this. The reason Wallstreet and banksters are interested in BTC is because they can see the huge amount of $ they can make charging fees from trading/storing crypto, this by definition requires great volatility thus price stability is very unlikely even in the long run IMHO.

  18. +ercrypto 74 While it may not hold it’s value. It is one of if not the best performing assett/investment in the last 10 years. Let’s see where we are in the next 10 years.

  19. You’d be correct. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve had to enlighten people on simple things like XRP being on the ledger nano or what a nostro vostro is. But nevertheless, it ends in them calling it a shitcoin. I just don’t engage anymore

  20. +Keith Attlesey nah …Bitcoin was designed decentralized for a reason for P2P ,without the centralized 3rd party .Its like shooting yourself in the foot claiming xrp is better .Its privately own and fully centralized . It helps no one but financial institutions transfer cross border payments quickly . With that in mind you are back to square one really .Some retailers used xrp as a payment system but have removed themselves from it .I’d say sticking to blockchain tech..i can see them coexist though

  21. “Best performing asset in the last 10 years” seems to be everywhere now but from an investors perspective is so wrong a statement. This would only hold true for those investors who got in early, survived the many exchange hacks, HODL’ed through multiple +70% crashes, didn’t loose access to their private keys and sold close to the ATH’s. This is less than 5.0% of all BTC holders, for the rest holding BTC has been quite the opposite. I’m quite confident the same will be true in the next 10 years. Cheers

  22. +ercrypto 74 Crypto still in its infancy. Early adopter phase still in play and mass adoption hasn’t hit yet. Let’s see where things stand in the next 5-10years.

  23. +ercrypto 74
    *>Dude you writing resembles that of a religious zealot rather than that of an investor in digital assets, which are you?*
    Personal attacks are an admission that you’ve lost the argument. You lose, thanks for playing.

  24. +ercrypto 74 totally disagree as well. Marketcap is market hype for now until real value gets wrung out of these projects .Ripple is not anything but a ledger ,it doesn’t support much but currency transfer .BTC is all that ,data storage and p2p .It hasn’t failed ,it has scaling issues for mass adaption but primarily is being used now as a currency ,right now .Scale issues ..which will be resolved by the LN anyway .Saying btc has plateaued but somehow imagining xrp is a fine working product already a working case product is the opposite of what i happening right now lol

  25. XRP is consensus which is hard to get started and starts out centralized but is eventually more decentralized than pow overall. How and who else can pull this off?

  26. Pedro R banks take years to make a tech change and when they do they stick with it for years. Therefore those on board with ripple are in for the Long haul and if we get to a tipping point everyone else will come to the party
    I believe BG and his dream team are on track to do this

  27. @Jeffries First of you like many blindly believe the LN will solve BTC’s scaling issues overlooking that this is but a small part of what is wrong with BTC as a currency/means of exchange. It is more than likely that an alternative new crypto will find a better/different path before BTC ever does. Second XRP and a few others crypto projects can do virtually anything BTC can do just better, faster, more efficiently and with an equivalent level of security, the thing is BTC has a lead time and thus has achieved greater network effect, but this in no way guarantees it will be top dog for long. Finally my point about XRP is how it is better placed than most others (including BTC) to achieve meaningful utility which can be articulated as simply enabling cheaper and faster international remittances thus improving the life of millions and enabling better use of resources by banks and other financial institutions, this is not something that’s in a white paper or a road map, it’s actually began.

  28. Very unlikely to happen, the very reason SWIFT exists today is Banks don’t trust each other (it’s in their nature not to do so) hence they rely on third parties to transact with each other. Second Ripple’s solution has proprietary software that cannot be copied (protected by copyrights) and thus even a big bank with lots of $$ cannot simply hire developers and say “make it happen just like Ripple”.

  29. Crypto Fink precisely why people hate it. The current financial system is a massively swollen juggernaut built on greed. The current financial system is not trusted and is carried as a burden by the rest of us. Why the hell would we consider “trusting” them or anyone else with the future of global economics? Crypto’s are our way of automating and disrupting the existing financial system. XRP doesn’t even have a fixed supply as I understand it. So by choosing XRP you’re handing the creators of the currency the keys to print money, to manipulate, control and to dictate to you what the rules of the game are. Changeable any time by them, never by you. Very much in the same way that they do now 🙀

  30. ADA is the yin to XRP’s yang. ADA is going to be the major alternative to sovereign fiat.

    Join the Evolution.

  31. People don’t get passionate about faster transactions. They do, however get passionate about overthrowing the banking system.

    ADA. Join the Evolution.

  32. With the SEC remaining tight lipped about XRP, that should tell you something. This is by design. Think about it. They’ve cozied up with U.S. politicians by donating XRP and they’ve met with the White House to name just a couple of things. This tells me the government has green lit Ripple to move forward with whatever their grand plan is. This tells me it’s a good idea to invest. The SEC will “clear” XRP when the timing is right for Ripple

  33. +VentionMGTOW Okay, so before cryptos there were stocks. Stock values rely on a centralized team “The company” to bring value to its stock. Obviously people have made millions with this centralized model, so I don’t think your concern carries a lot of weight

  34. +Joncrypto82 Singapore XRP has BCH money. Both are coins which not many people like for the projects but they make money. So it’s reasonable BCH money went in XRP.

  35. +Sasha Arsic ripple has a face, can be sued and can be fucked. try that with a decentral currency. xrp fanbois are just blind.

  36. Carlos Filipe …..and then another entity buys out Ripple labs…. then another bank funds a carbon copy of ripple labs so they don’t have to go to the crypto markets and buy 1 Xrp for $5 a pop lol…

  37. BTC is the joke, do you even know why people purchase BTC? It is for pure speculation only and this will become apparent during the next phase in Crypto.

  38. The creator of ADA (which was a co-founder of Ethereum), stated that he was not trying to overthrow the system and liked the way things were, but just more decentralized. I think you’re incorrect in this statement. Go by what they do, not what they say unless it supports the current systems of control

  39. Carlos. Your assessment is wrong. What you are saying is like telling a vegan to eat meat. That’s not going to happen. Bitcoin was created to be against banks, and XRP works with banks. The supporters of bitcoin don’t care about some pitty profits

  40. +Nick Steve Cardano is being designed to be an autonomous economic system, transceding national governments and the current banking system.

    There are many ways to look at this. I’m seeing it as (R) Evolution.

  41. Mar G, More centralized? Ripple chooses who runs nodes on their network. They say xrp was gifted to ripple labs by the creator of the digital ledged/xrp haha but never say who created it which means THEY created the ledger and then started Ripple Labs company as a way of getting around being labeled a security and “gifted” the tokens to themselves!
    THE FACT that we don’t truly know who satoshi is/was or the group called satoshi is- makes bitcoin so powerful! It was a code released to the world and look how far it has come!
    XRP seeks to keep fiat alive but being a bridge asset to swap fiat around. BTC shows us for the first time we have another option

  42. +michael Ripple can be sued, it does have a face. On the other hand, XRP has no face, it is a fully open decentralized ledger.

  43. +Nick Steve I’ve watched many an interview with Mr. Hoskinson. I don’t get the feeling he’s ok with the way things are. I get the feeling he’s trying to change the world in a major way.

  44. +michael you can insult me but it would be better if you gave some argument, like HOW it is centralized. Ripple the company holds less than 5% of the XRP Ledger validators. The company cannot block or deny transactions, steal funds or create new coins on the XRPL. Your turn.

  45. Carlos Filipe it’s just a bridging token for nostro vostro transactions, the crypto hype has duped people into thinking it’s something else.. it’s funny how people think a private fintech company with the help of Jed mcaleb has made some magical amazing currency for the inhabitants of planet earth.. it actually is funny.. Lark is just desperate for views right now with this novice immature video.

  46. +Mephizzle
    *>lol okay so you are trolling*
    I’m trying to help the rippleheads. They’re going to get wrecked.

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