Can New Investors Make Money With Cryptocurrency? | Altcoin Buzz

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We get asked about Bitcoin and other altcoins all the time, and one of the big questions that we always get asked is whether or not it's a good time to invest. While we are not investment advisors, I personally feel that if someone is genuinely curious enough about crypto, they should invest at least a small amount of money into a coin of their choosing. This will allow them to have skin in the game, which will cause them to pay more detailed attention to the market.

Can New Investors Make Money With Cryptocurrency? | Altcoin Buzz

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  1. Totally my thoughts too, as long as they have a level head and a steady hand. -Steve

  2. I just need to stop being so dang busy with everything else….aka, stop making excuses, lol! -Steve

  3. KCS Kucoin working exchange like Binance and you get dividends in all the coins traded on the platform.

  4. I think ethos or utrust could come into top 5 out of nowhere if they create payment solution like advertised but look at litepay…

  5. Never to late to get in cryptos, there will be an even bigger bull run than last year.

  6. Eos is 17 billion without a dependable working product. If that’s not hype I don’t know what is. People keep saying it’s going to be huge but how could anyone know for sure. They can’t

  7. Craig Neeve except for that last part of 2017, when it totally wasn’t under the radar.

  8. Hey Julio! It’s great to see you give some respect to Wanchain (WAN). For many reasons, I feel that Wanchain (WAN) is a sleeping giant in the crypto space. Bitcoin (BTC) and Wanchain (WAN) are my only two hodlings, and I will be keeping them both for the long term. See you at the top, my friend!

  9. Bob Goudreau Anything to back that up? I really don’t think we’re getting the same bullrun again. Getting 100-1000x returns on any shitcoin in the market was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  10. These are great investments you mentioned. I’m in four of those. I would add ADA to that list.

  11. Very true! But like many, you invest in the hopes that they will succeed, and if you got in early, you’re rich!

  12. Jo L I hear that. I’m new to this. I was actually putting some cash together to invest when it mooned. I’m trying to decide if it’s still worth it at these inflated prices. Then with Etherium releasing Casper soon who knows. Too many to pick from with everyone saying there coin is going to be the one.

  13. jack daniels what makes you think that? Their team? Product? Marketing? Just curious. Thanks!

  14. “Dollar cost averaging” is the best strategy. We may not see prices this low again but if that’s true it won’t matter if you DCA. It’s still very, very early I’ve only been doing this for just under a year.

    And it is the best thing I’ve ever done. And I’m reinvesting with the hopes to multiply the gains I’ve already gotten & I’m certain other folks are thinking the same.

    And besides the gains the innovation is just freaking awesome. The gains are simply an addition to that.

  15. DoffMan Crypto Queers I hear you and appreciate your thought on it. I’m still kicking myself for not moving faster but I have a family and things come up. I’m invested in other coins and as with everyone as soon as I think I better get that the price skyrockets. Anyway thank you. Sorry I didn’t mean to sound negative tword the project. It doesn’t help with so many for and so many against. Just trying to get ahead. I’m disabled from an accident on top. So this opportunity may mean a new start for me.

  16. sure, new investors can still make money with crypto. If possible do a review on BANCA or PUNDI X.

  17. You’re welcome. Let me know what you think of the video. I really like him and his thumbs up reinforced me in my decision to invest in bnb. I might even buy more if it does a nice dip.

  18. I have to agree. I just watched it and am now growing horns and a ring in my nose! He def has me alot more confident about getting some. Aside from growth,there are alot of other little benefits which were decent. But when he said most other coins prices are based on speculation, not tthe product, whereas binance, well, its a huge exchange, and it is value in itself. Idk, i think im getting in on this. Thanks again for the knowledge and the lesson! I love youtube!!!

  19. Chris, thanks again….was def interesting…so if i understand this correctly…. i am looking to buy some cardano in this dip, and i was going to get it on binance, so instead of sending my btc there and directly buying ada, i should first send btc, convert to bnb, then buy ada? To reduce fees? Of course ill be picking up bnb too anyway because of our lil chat. Just wondering if you knew the best way to get ada with lowest fees

  20. Steve, yes, so im hearing. I just wanted to research the coin b4 pulling the trigger, but from what im seeing, exchange coins are good buy, and are like cockroaches, surviving a crash!!

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