Buy The Dip – Crypto Analysis


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In Markets where you trade and invest you have to have certain principles in place for Success. Buy The Dip is one of them. Bare in mind Crpyocurrency is not the same as Fiat, but it worth noting some of the fiat market principles.

Buy The Dip – Crypto Analysis

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. YOU do NOT OWE TAXES UNLESS you SELL out into US DOLLARS, and MOVED into YOUR BANK! Imagone if you bought a bunch of ART…do you owe taxes if the value goes up? NO!! You would only pay “Capital gains” tax AFTER you sell it.
    EDIT: Sorry for all the CAPS!! Ha Ha!! :))

  2. From my understanding, it’s a decentralized virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. On the platform, you can acquire land, create buildings and objects, and actually buy and sell with MANA coins that you can sell on exchanges. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

  3. We cant say nothing for sure. We are pionieers so we can only speculate. I have huge pain cus of IOTA and EMC2. I knew about these and didint invested :D.

  4. We all know that 98% of all coins and Project will fail in some month or years . Its a crazy time for making crazy much money but Most Project are going to fail

  5. Hey Jeff,

    I’m real enjoying your videos and I appreciate the effort and time you take to make them to help us!!!
    I like beer too so please give a LTC address so I can send you a “beer”…
    Thank YOU again for every video!!!

    Have a nice day and enjoy trading

  6. For tax purposes, the most advantageous thing to do would be to cash out after yr end, so you don’t have to pay capital gains tax this yr, but next year instead.

  7. I love when people do this… sell their alt coins for bitcoin. bitcoin skyrockets, alts drop, I sell my bitcoin, and by the alts. Alts skyrocket, I sell them and buy bitcoin. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not too hard to figure out
    This is just my opinion, but there is a heck of a lot more money to be made in alts, then bitcoin.

  8. liquidblake you are incorrect. You do not pay as you go. If you invest in a crypto and it goes up to $1 million, but you leave it alone. Three months later it’s worth $10. You do not pay taxes on $1 million that you did not have, never had, do not own. You only pay on what you put in your bank account. I have been trading stocks for years, pay taxes only on what is in my bank account. I have used three different accountants over the years, and every single one of them say the same thing. It only matters what you put in your bank account, what happens before that means nothing. Just numbers on a computer screen until you take ownership of it. I’ve had this debate with people several times. If you want to know the truth, just ask an accountant.
    Unless it’s in your bank account, you pay nothing.
    If you have a winning lottery ticket for $20 million, and you lost it, do you need to pay taxes on $20 million that you don’t have because you lost the lottery ticket? Is the IRS going to come to you and say hey, we know you had that winning lottery ticket so pay us $8 million in taxes. No, because you never took ownership of it, it was never in your bank account, in other words, unless the currency is in your bank account, you never wrote yourself the check.
    You saw it on Reddit? Do yourself a favor, just use a good old fashion accountant.
    People hold stocks for decades, not a dime of tax is paid on it until you withdraw it.

  9. I think you misunderstood me. You are right until you sell you don’t pay taxes. However, the IRS considers changing from one coin to another a sale that is not “Like for Like” therefore any gains one the coin you are paying with are taxed.

  10. liquidblake I have been reading this is also the case… it’s my understanding, even though the money is not in your bank account, you still sold what you owned at a gain. If you traded it and had a gain. Sounds viable. Nonetheless, get a decent accountant to do the work for you because it just may not be. You also have to factor in the cost of trading, sending money, all a write off.

  11. No Limit Coin is a definite buy on the dip. New user interface is complete. They will have a partnership with Alipay as well.

  12. Obviously if you take a loss on lets say 15 trades those are writeoffs correct for the profitable trades?

  13. I did invest in IOTA early but not enough man … keep your head up and focus on the bright future 🙂 there will be many many options in the next years and learn from your past mistakes Don )

  14. just like the energy drinks in the 90s. Only one remains and is the biggest and most expensive.

  15. Örjan Lennström right now I would bet for iota and tenx , Bitcoin in longterm. I am German and are following Dr Julian hosp YouTube.

    He is truely a great Guy who is making connections with the big Money.

    He is working hard for his Project and have Vision.

    90% alt coins are for Investors and the ceo’s only for bump and dump , but thats OK. Everyone likes to get rich 🙂

  16. Probably one of the most informative video on crypto i have watch to date. Thanks you, I have learned a lot. I’ve been watching for awhile but this video made me subscribe.

  17. nevinevius you buy when it dips a good amount below previous base of support, but into the panic…wait for it to bounce back and sell off after the bounce, but be careful sometimes the bounce only reaches where the previous support was since that support now acts as resistance…so don’t buy as soon as it cracks or you have no room to make profit, wait until it cracks the base of support like 50% below then buy in or ladder in.

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