Buy the Dip? Big Bet on Ethereum, Litecoin Overtaking Bitcoin Cash – Crypto News

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Should you buy the dip? Crypto analysts suggest so. Mattie is also taking a look at Litecoin close to overtaking Bitcoin Cash as well as big crypto hedge fund betting big on Ethereum long term! We're also taking a look at the IRS's bitcoin tax policy as well as all the good things Crypto Mom has said about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space.
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Buy the BTC dip?

Crypto Analyst Reminds Traders That It’s Buy The Dip Season in Bitcoin

#Litecoin closing in on BCH with Halving near!

Litecoin Closing on BCH as Halving FOMO Pumps LTC

Big Bet on #Ethereum

Investment Firm Goes 10-Years Long on Ethereum, But What About its Short-Term Price Action?

IRS #Bitcoin Tax Policy update:

What to Expect When the IRS Alters Its Bitcoin Tax Policy

Remember the positive outlook from SEC commissioner:

Don’t Forget What Hester Peirce Has Said about Bitcoin and Crypto!

Facebook Crypto on the Horizon: Firm Has 100 Blockchain Staffers Now


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Buy the Dip? Big Bet on Ethereum, Litecoin Overtaking Bitcoin Cash – Crypto News


  1. Fantastic content as always! One love to the altcoin buzz team. And of course a big thanks for all of your time spent creating the content. Everyone subscribe if they are into Blockchain and crypto, you won’t find better on here that’s for sure😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Cajutel got telecom licence . Cajutel price to go 500x, the effect of news is visible Now Cajutel (CAJ) trading 100-200x High

  3. Crypto Twitter: “Charlie Lee sold his Litecoins so Litecoin must be a scam!”

    Also Crypto Twitter: “Jack Dorsey is pumping Bitcoin because he owns the Square app that sells Bitcoin!”

    You just can’t win with these people.

  4. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Please for the love of satoshi talk about tax. Planning on getting my initial investment back when it hits 4x and need to know what will happen.

  5. Facebook: We aren’t satisfied with selling your personal data for our gain while heavily censoring you and your browsing experience, we want to control your finances too.

  6. Jack Dorsey like bitcoin so he sells it. A bad thing how?

    Charlie Lee wanting to make alot of money and then selling at the top. We both would do that too. What’s the problem..only problem is the way your looking at it

  7. Wow. Did you guys hear that the INDIAN government is proposing to BAN BITCOIN AND CRYPTO with
    10 years jail time to anyone who hold any kind of CRYPTO?..

  8. What you can expect is that some bitcoin OGs and whales get hit with tax evasion and tax fraud charges, for not paying capital gains taxes on the bitcoins they have traded over the years.

  9. Governments, across the board, are going to eventually declare crypto as a capital gains asset; because the risk losing too much if they don’t.

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