Buy Stratis Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018?

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Stratis Coin is an interesting coin currently getting attention in the world of cryptocurrency.

Buy Stratis Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018?


  1. Get both… I say that as someone who has 90 percent of his holdings in LISK. I just picked up a lot of Stratis though because it’s about to boom

  2. To everybody who downtalked Stratis: Stratis will be capable of anything i heard from Lisk in the past few months in a very short time (sidechains, delegate services etc.) PLUS gives privacy to big brother Bitcoin himself (and itself) through the Breeze wallet with Tumblebit, offers Masternodes for “locking” big amounts of coins and staking of these paid out in BTC, offers an ICO platform and more…

  3. lol stratis has a weak team.. stfu re tard :d price is arround 14$ atm out of the game.. you have no clue boy

  4. sergeke21 tell me what coin aside from Stratis offers privacy for itself and Bitcoin, sidechains, an ICO platform, smart contracts, low inflation, masternodes and a blockchain as a service model written in a serious code (C# with .NET Framework compatibility, nearly everywhere) *at the same time* or talk to the hand.

    Oh, and DLavrov predicted 250-420k Sats for Stratis, which is 45-70$ at the current situation, just saying.

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