Buy SingularDTV Before Service Launch in 2018?

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SingularDTV is a decentralized entertainment platform looking to allow up and coming entertainers an opportunity to create their own form of currency around their work.

Buy SingularDTV Before Service Launch in 2018?


  1. But what does the coin doooo? Like are they promising dividends to addresses per coin? What makes people want this coin more than say monero it dash?

  2. Singular token should be considered more less as a share of the company. a % of fees collected on the platforms will be distributed directly to the token holders. This project is so huge. the roadmap is just crazy ambitious, they are trying to build full eco-system (18 apps planned) providing unique tools for artists to fund their projects (via crowdfunding – , tools to help then in their creations, and finally a netflix like 2P2 platform for the distribution of the content. if the company succeed it will become for sure a multi-billion dollars company. (doing well until now).

  3. So, if its a share/security then when they start making expected payouts they get chucked off the exchanges don’t they because its a security and exchanges aren’t licensed for securities!

  4. They got kicked out of bittrex because of that. because they didn’t wanted to changed the function for SNGLS token. It is such ridiculous exchange are allowed to sell worth shitcoin, but not best token hahaha…

  5. This is taking off AND won’t stop as the founders raised what has become BILLIONS IN ETHEREUM!!! BUY NOW$$!!

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