Buy SiaCoin? Is SiaTech The Future Of Cloud Storage?

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SiaCoin (SC) is one of those sub $0.01 altcoins that you might want to put on your radar. While most micro-coins with low values may actually be junk coins, SiaCoin looks to be backed by some promising technology.

Sia is a cloud storage technology that splits apart pieces of data and stores those fragments in a redundant and decentralized manner across the world. Due to the currently low adoption rate of the technology, the cloud storage and bandwidth prices to access data are currently very low. You could store your data on Sia for a very small fraction of what it would otherwise cost on Amazon S3, or Microsoft Azure.

As the company prepares to ramp up its business development side in 2018, combined with the increased need for businesses to become PCI Level 1 compliant, Sia may be a cost saving solution in the near future.

Buy SiaCoin? Is SiaTech The Future Of Cloud Storage?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. best crypto channel I’m aware of. I’m even putting Data Dash below you guys. Congrats, future holds Lambos for all altcoinbuzz team!

  2. agreed that SC’s tech is up there, the only problem is that SC lacks marketing! I am a holder and will keep holding and occasionally buying

  3. I’ve been holding Siacoin from around April. I’ve seen it rise and fall, even when it hit that 2 cents but I actually didn’t sell, not even today. The supply is too high for it to hit $1 yes, but 2 coins have proven that it can still break, but as you said… It’ll require a huge increase in market cap. Great vid!

  4. My favorite coin. I’m looking to actually use this excellent product. This has no reason to fail.

  5. Let me add too… Sia has a working product. Many alt coins are pure speculation and don’t even have a product (yet they are heavily pumped – I wont mention any recent faves). In addition – the SC team does not want to pump or advertise the coin until the platform is mature enough (wise). That being said – you can use it for cloud storage right now if you desired – and you can earn Siacoin by allowing your system to be a host (all through the desktop wallet). So, this isn’t another “dream” yet to begin materializing “someday” according to some future roadmap. Sia is a real project with real software that works… which I think is important to know.

  6. Hi Thanks for the news: Does SIACOIN (SC) affect the projects associated with the currencies: IOTA (MIOTA) and RAIBLOCKS (XRB)?

  7. Wiser yes and if you don’t, you begin to slowly LOSE coins. so I just hold them and don’t use their system yet

  8. The main issue with siacoin is actually the feasibility of the technology right now. The main problem is that they require 95% uptime for people hosting files (which means you need a dedicated server to host their data).

    Essentially, if renting storage is cheap, hosting data is not lucrative. And if hosting data is lucrative, renting is expensive. It’s like a chicken-egg problem. They need more people hosting data, and more people renting storage to make this a viable business.

    If they achieve enough redundancy they can reduce the uptime requirement, and ordinary users will be able to host files, and serve them only while they are using their computers (no additional costs to a server running on 95% uptime). Imagine, for example, a 25% uptime requirement. Instead of building a server to host data, you could just rent your computer’s spare storage space and make some bucks. You cold even rent your smartphone storage space. That would be a win-win situation and it would be a real revolution in terms of distributed storate. But right now the business model seems unfeasible, but I still believe in the potential of the technology.

  9. SIACOIN is intentionally keeping a low profile. The have a very long term strategy with brilliant people. The are VC backed and have a top notch team. They are designing and releasing their own hardware with DECRED. They are only available on a couple of smaller exchanges. SIA is flying under the radar and anyone who can buy it should. I believe when they are added to large exchanges they will easily pass a doller then ten.

  10. How much money did you already make bro ?! And how much did you invest to begin with? Definitely gonna buy the future of decentralized cloud storage that sounds like a genius SOUND long term investment…

  11. Hi
    Yeah I mined it and bought into SC a few months ago.
    Look up UltraNote – XUN and HTMLcoin
    I have made two videos on those two coins since getting to know the dev teams and everything else.
    These coins are going to rock the crypto space in 2018.

  12. DreamBigImagine _ i am new, please excuse me, but what do you mean by “mining it in the mean time”?

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