Buy SALT Lending Coin Before Moon Shot?

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SALT is a lending platform on the blockchain. I like it a lot and will be aggressively accumulating SALT as I see a great deal of potential with this cryptocurrency in the short term and especially in the long term.

Buy SALT Lending Coin Before Moon Shot?


  1. What is your view of coinloan? They are a direct competitor and a few days from finishing pre-ico phase of distribution

  2. So if I use this and put it into bitconnect I could probably become a millionaire if bitconnect stays around 3 more months

  3. bought salt bought premier menmbership, how to lend? why is salt on the platform 25$ do i have to buy it there too? dont get it thx

  4. Hello, did you get any answer? I think the platform is still in development, I have a just a base membership, I want to borrow only100bucks to see how the platform behaves, what are the fees and so on

  5. The last time investors borrowed against there stocks and shares, and invested it in stocks and shares guess what happened.

  6. bought some yesterday. boy i wish i got a ton of them. this may be a boomer. this is a better alternative than cashing straight out

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