Buy PIVX Before it Becomes Number 1 Privacy Coin?

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Is PIVX, the number one privacy coin on the market? If so, are you accumulating at these prices?

Buy PIVX Before it Becomes Number 1 Privacy Coin?


  1. Agreed Jeff, it’s been really solid but yet still flying under the radar. Great team, great community, I see this privacy coin being adopted easier than the others, even though other privacy coins are getting more attention at the moment. Next year will be their year, you always pick the best coins, awesome taste.

  2. Their wallet is crap, they put out stuff for the money not caring about their investors what a headache and huge loss Don’t touch this coin and stay away from cryptopia as well there wallet went down and has been down for weeks, wondering if I will ever get my pivx back. There wallet was fricked up on 3 of my own computers but fixed them with a big head ache but wasn’t down like Cryptopia for freaking weeks… I was bullish on PIVX but considering they don’t care about their investors any more than that than to put out shix wallets and casting us time headache and money STAY AWAY

  3. One thing that folks might not be aware of, is that we burn our transaction fees (so coins are being removed from circulation). With enough transactions/second (15) and/or zPIV mints… we go coin supply neutral.

    Also, the emission rate is about 2million or so a year. So it’s not a lot of coins. And, again, coins are being burned/removed with every transaction. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed yhis video but please don’t encourage ppl to leave their funds on the exchange, definitely always use some form of private wallet to store your funds. And the point of using the PIVX wallet specifically is to participate in the staking mechanism for governance and rewards!

  5. Good observations Jeff. As a system’s analyst – I’ve found my skills well equipped for looking at crypto for the long-term and for my paying clients – issuing advice. (If you’re non-paying – then this is merely my opinion 😉 PIVX is a fork from DASH; – and have you looked at DASH? You should – because PIVX is a better coin. Yeah. From a technical analysis – it has a strong, robust future. From a security perspective – the project has some awesome talent involved with development and management. Adding ZeroCoin protocol was a massive step in the right direction – despite the hiccup that recently occurred. Better early-on that later. This is one of the few projects that I have seen that is well rounded enough to represent the magical 2nd chance that people who came to the party late want: “I wish I’d seen this growth coming! I’d be rich!”. Unlike the unbacked hype surrounding many coins (BitCoin-Cash trash – which I predict is going to end very badly) – PIVX has the features people need – especially those living in repressive politicos with extreme taxation problems or unreasonable limits on what people can access medically. Zero-coin protocol allows people to conduct their affairs in private and this privacy protocol is far better than those like DASH (I love DASH – but PIVX is better). I also like Z-coin for the same reason. And then there’s “TAXes”. Well, over a decade ago – several IRS agents turned whistle-blower and released a river of documentation that proved that the income Tax in the USA is written in a very deceptive manner and that the “tax” is actually not binding on most citizens. Prominently among these agents was one from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division named Joe Banister who maintains a website at: and the links from that site are a goldmine of information for anyone with the initiate to check out just how badly the US government has been fukking the citizenry over. Banister was also prosecuted by the government on tax-related accusations in 2005 and he came out smelling like a rose (not guilty on all counts). Didn’t hear about that on the late-night news, did you? So, the obvious position is: If you don’t LEGALLY owe the tax, – why give the tax man any info to falsely use against you? Fukk ’em. Convert (exchange) to coins that use Zero-Coin protocol and eliminate your financial trail. Quit being a willing victim. Don’t want to pay to bomb children in the nation next door? Quit funding the bastards. Don’t want to pay for Moeshia’s 9 illegitimate welfare kids? Quit funding the khunt’s welfare pool – with a tax you don’t legally own in the 1st place. And people are figuring all this out in large numbers. The state is a racket. And if you’ve got an “issue” with that position – then you are at liberty to attempt to show the above mentioned IRS agents the “error” of their analysis! The IRS can’t seem to and it’s had almost 20 years to! ZeroCoin protocol is the future in currency. PIVX is positioned to be a leader. Remember that you were told.

  6. If you want to get in on PIVX innovative, revolutionary tech at its early stages, but can’t deal with the fact that PIVX is building something completely new and revolutionary, then buy PIVX and store in Coinomi (Word Seed Generated BIP 44 Wallet). Most investors in Crypto at this stage are buying into projects THAT DON’T EVEN HAVE A PRODUCT YET. What you are complaining about boils down to this: PIVX PAYS OWNERS, not MINERS to run the Currency, and they’ve set it up so EVERYONE stores and runs the currency, making PIVX on target to be more Decentralized and Distributed BY FAR than ANY other Cryptocurrency. NO other Cryptocurrency is doing this. Because that’s what PIVX is doing, and is completely revolutionary, yes, there have been bugs, but my experience for months and months has been a smooth wallet experience up until zPIV, and within 2 weeks now running amazing. Oh, and who fixed the Libzerocoin Protocol? PIVX Devs. Other Cryptocurrencies will copy (if they know how to implement appropriately to their unique systems LOL) what PIVX Devs do. PIVX is a bet on where it will be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, with an active community and active devs, not where it was 2 months, or even a week ago.

  7. PIVX with zPIV is now working on zPIV Staking (due out January 2018). Plus Masternode Ledger Collateralization, and Ledger Collateralized Staking, and a zDEX (zPIV Decentralized Exchange), and BIP 44 Wallet Integration…
    The least known fact is that PIVX burns all Transaction Fees – because PIVX is run by the owners, and ONLY owners get paid Block Reward (because PIVX is pure Proof of Stake, only more secure with double validation via Masternodes), when everyone runs the currency, all Fees can be burned.
    If the average zPIV Transaction used (3) zPIV Denominations, then PIVX Coin Supply goes neutral at 2.8 zPIV Transactions per Second.

  8. Any prediction that PIVX will come down some more before end of the year? I want to buy but holding out that if falls some more…

  9. I believe only DPoS crypto can allow “interest” without active wallets on the blockchain. Those would be ones like ARK.

  10. A lot of people don’t realize that PIVX doesn’t produce a fixed percentage of PIV each year. Instead, it’s fixed number of tokens each year. This means inflation gets smaller over time, essentially becoming zero! Gotta love that derivative math 🙂

  11. Lots of good privacy coins on the market tho and i think there is room for many like Verge, PIVX, Monero

  12. En definitiva, PIVX es la revolución de las Criptomonedas, no mas vuelta al asunto y acceder al mundo purpura.Pueden notar que esta moneda privada, se adopta más fácilmente que las otras, y a pesar de que otras monedas de privacidad están recibiendo más atención en este momento, PIVX tiende a desplazar para colocarse en primer lugar..

  13. La privacidad integral con que actualmente PIVX repunta en el mercado de las Criptomonedas, te puede dejar fuera de integrar la comunidad purpura. Actívate, es el momento

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