Buy Neblio Before 2018 Price Surge?

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With many application platforms like LISK, NEO, Stratis all getting massive market cap injections, Neblio hasent exactly experienced that yet. They do have a small team and are not listed on many exchanges although if they do get listed on more exchanges and are able to follow through on the projects roadmap, it will be interesting to see where the price goes from here.

Buy Neblio Before 2018 Price Surge?


  1. turned out to be a good purchase keep hodling ,i am sure it will go much higher with its small circulating supply !

  2. TheCirrusIce It still has a lot of room for growth IMO. Enterprise blockchain platform is a very sound concept.

  3. Even at 100.00 Neblio will still be a good buy. This is a 4 Digit coin for sure. At a max supply of just over 13 million, this coin will break 1000.00 at some point in the very near future. I’m calling 200.00 by Q4 of 2018.

  4. you were completely right. im about to invest in it tonight while its on a dip at 12.22 usd. thanks for the solid info jeff youre the best

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