Buy IOTA- Buy Cardano – Buy EThereum? 2018 Blockchain and Tangle Ledger Moon

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Over the recent weeks we have seen Cardano and IOTA surge in price as Ethereum has slowed down its run, making room for some new high cap projects. In this video we review the IOTA project and Cardano projects possible price action moving into 2018.

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Buy IOTA- Buy Cardano – Buy EThereum? 2018 Blockchain and Tangle Ledger Moon


  1. Excellent video as usual. Looking at LTC, which has a lower circulating supply, where do you see it’s price if market cap goes up to $45B in the future.

  2. Thanks. Recently started following your videos. Good info. XEM is good too, what is best investment long term between Cardano (ADA) and XEM ?

  3. Cardano for sure. Wait for Cardano to drop to 10 cents and then put something like 50% of your portfolio in it. Huge gains expected for next year.

  4. bought iota finally, I remember seeing this coin at 70cents but when i went to go buy it it wasn’t on bittrex so i didn’t bother but now at 5$ i just pulled the trigger and joined a exchange that holds iota and bought some and im super happy! wish i did it sooner ive been so “not on bittrex so whatever but i fucked myself lol” im in it for the Hold!

  5. Love your channel man I seen your video about iota a month ago and you were right about iota glad I bought some

  6. dude ikr i saw it at .80 cents but thought that it was going to decrease, luckily i saw it two days ago, at 1.56 and it has turned my $175 into $650 so far lol

  7. Moto Productions Fool and his money are soon parted. You missed it and now you’re going to lose money when it starts selling off.

  8. i didn’t hear any technical advise. except especulations. bro. but it was a good video thanks for sharing.

  9. I can’t believe what I just heard. You spent 15 minutes talking about how wonderful Iota and Cardano are, but neither is a buy. Plus you may sell the one you own to buy other coins that you say nothing about. Uh, no thank you. Not interested in yout opinion.

  10. Cardano ADA is by far the best crypto project and team in the space period….. if u dont agree.. you really dont understand the
    cardano project..

  11. Jeff, I have been involved since May this year. I have watched and followed many channels. I came across your channel about a week ago. You are my favorite. Love your practical approach and truly value all your content. Please keep it coming and please keep being yourself. I see 100k subscribers in the near future. I plug your channel all the time. Thanks man!

  12. I have to agree. 10 times is being modest too. Just wait for more announcements on strategic partnerships joining the IOTA team. Despite IOTA being a long term play, 2018 it will shine, along with many more Exchanges supporting it.

  13. Hey mate, thanks for the video. Have you looked at Modum? It’s currently mooning and honestly one of the most undervalued cryptos in the space. Real world applicability with big pharma!

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