Buy Ethlend – SALT 2.0? – Decentralized Lending

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Today we have a look at Ethlend which focuses on decentralized lending across the blockchain. Some are calling it the SALT 2.0. Here’s our take on Ethlend plus some updates on Altcoin Buzz and what we are working on.

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Buy Ethlend – SALT 2.0? – Decentralized Lending


  1. What’s your name? All of you should have a different “Intro”, just like how Jeff starts his videos with “What’s going up” …. With how large this community is getting, you guys could sell shirts or something with these Intros!!! I would definitely buy!

  2. Hey Ethan, no not hacked. I am just another member, like Steve on the channel. My name is Shailen. Hope that clears that up 🙂

  3. Hey SS M my name is Shailen. Thanks for the suggestion, we are are currently working on some merch and will keep you updated when they launch. As far as intros go, I will work on that in the next coming videos. Thanks again for your support 🙂

  4. just curious. When was the ico and how much did you pay for coin? Im trying to get into buying from ico’s

  5. Fernando Castillo it’s was I think October. And since US residents could not participate. I bought it on tokenlot and they were charging 2 cents

  6. I had just literally purchased LEND tokens on Binance and then this video drops.
    Man there is a lot of potential for gains in LEND tokens specially after seeing the recent highs in my SALT tokens. Specially if Ethlend can match the Salt lending platform…
    The Ethlend team look pretty solid!

  7. Check out dentacoin. Awesome time to buy, really low cap but high volume and super super cheap and ready product.

  8. Better than that Pumped one, this will eat salt, already working, no speculation like Salt, real business with Present and future.

  9. Ethlend has begun processing decentralized loans. While it’s user experience could use some improvements (you have to install metamask before hitting Loan on their website), it works!

    World wide, decentralized lending with smart contract collateral is here!!! Big event of the world!

    Buy this coin now or regret it later. This is like the legal version of BitConnect.

  10. LEND is down quite a bit over the last 24 hours and I think it’s a good time to load up. I really like what ethlend is all about. Getting in at .15 and hoping for the best.

  11. Jose Maria Garcia SALT already started giving loans out, and they’re completely different, but okay.

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