Buy Cardano Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018?

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Cardano appears to be a very serious cryptocurrency and a project that is thought out with many moving parts. Establishing a global infrastructure and team to position itself as a leading open source platform.

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Buy Cardano Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018?


  1. Cardano is not in competition with Bitcoin, one of it’s aims is to link blockchains together. It’s similar to Ethereum in several ways but it can scale much larger. It’s not likely to provide massive instant returns if you’re just trying to get rich quick, but if you’re prepared to buy and hold for 5 years you should do well out of it.

    Check out the videos on the IOHK youtube channel for more info.
    (P.S. I don’t work for Cardano, I’ve just been following the project for a while :P)

  2. Buy Cardano because of the quality control of the product. Not because it’s going to “moon”. Titles like that are what’s causing people to jump into projects. Then sell a week later when it’s doesn’t 10x after they buy it. This project is far away from that potential with the current market cap and coin supply combined with the roadmap. Trying to keep as much immature money out of it as possible right now. For Cardano to get to 50 cents would mean over a 12 billion market cap.

  3. Hey guys in the video i did misspeak. I said 679 THOUSAND IT IS MILLION : ) My apologies for the error.

  4. She is. I got a boatload around 4cents. I’m holding and hoping within 5 years I can stop working my 9-5 lol. I can’t believe I found this coin that low. I usually always miss on these. I’m holding big, if this thing hits even a $1 I’m gonna piss myself lmao.

  5. Jason Jackson $1 is not that unrealistic, if the marketcap goes to 1/6th of the bitcoin cap atm! I would not be super suprised if it goes to 1-2 dollars by the end of 2020.

  6. +Will Magner +Jose Reyes, and the bubble will not pop, but deflate some from profit taking. Hell, I had to sell at 0.50 after buying a bulk at 0.10. Too much green! then, I move that profit money over to another small marketcap/low price = EthLend (LEND) and I’ll ride that one up. Market manipulators everywhere!

  7. MrHarrilasagna thank you. I’ve been commenting like this every single video I see now a days that mentions “huge gains I’ve gotten on bitcoim”…

    Fucking idiots ruined the network 25 dollar fees and hours of wait in some cases 😑

    I’m feeling ADA the same way I felt when I saw ether shortly after the crowdsale… it has nothing to do with money it’s bragging rights of being part of the future before it was the future!

  8. Cardano will be THE best investment in 2018. If you missed buying Bitcoin for pennies here’s your next ticket.

  9. BTC will fall in dominence. Less than 1 percent. It will remain the best store of value.

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