Buy Altcoins on Sale November 2018

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Buy these altcoins on sale in November 2018. NEO, LISK, Vertcoin, Cardano, SALT.

Buy Altcoins on Sale November 2018


  1. i believe there will be 2 more waves of alt coin dumps prior to the fork. hang in tight and save the funds for an even more bloody drop

  2. I actually have SALT @ 2.50 and was going to buy more but LISK caught my eye so your video is great timing. Personally, I will probably use SALT when my crypto portfolio is really big and I don’t want to cash it. I currently have a buy on Cardano and just have to check and see if it went through as I agree this is beat down pretty low and on sale! I bought NEO during the Chinese ICO shutdown and got it under $20 so I agree that anything near 20 is a good price for this already established (not many of those) cryptos. I heard Lisk was rebranding later this month so now is a good time to buy! I completely agree with your list and if I don’t already have it, I am buying it and if I have it, I am buying more!! I am watching Vertcoin and will buy it if it drops more (under $3) but currently there are so many great deals in the Alt Coin market, there are others higher on the list to buy.

  3. I simply love Lisk, Vertcoin and Cardano long term… Oh and Verge, it has a huge supply but one of the best privacy coin out there, i believe it long term

  4. josh meredith the platforms are going to be the first to help mass adoption, so get ready for these undervalued coins to go crazy by early next year!

  5. Neo is deadset my favourite coin. So much going for it. The chinese will make this coin shoot to the moon.

  6. Great video! I really like Viacoin, it’s very undervalued right now with a great team and their roadmap is nearly completed!

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