Buy Altcoins Cheap | Cryptocurrency Trading Tip

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By taking a little bit of time before making your coin trades and purchases you can quickly analyze which exchanges would be the cheapest for you to buy or trade Bitcoin or Altcoins.

Not all coins are traded for the same price on all exchanges, and not all coins on the same exchange are traded at the same $USD rate between each type of currency. Sometimes its cheaper to buy something with BTC than it is with LTC or ETH or vice versa. Be on the lookout for these types of buying opportunities AltCoinArmy!

Sometimes Buying Low and selling High means you have to move your money around to maximize your gains.

Buy Altcoins Cheap | Cryptocurrency Trading Tip


  1. People are going crazy because of the YouTuber who put $200 before it pumped and its now worth $20,000.

  2. Eh, didn’t take genius for a rich kid to throw half an XBox at something on a gamble. -Steve

  3. Yeah, buying cheap on one exchange and selling higher on another without the overall market moving up is definitely arbitrage. IT can work, and sometimes you get stuck with what you bought at no gains. But I think a lot of new investors only buy and trade coins on one main exchange and don’t shop around. -Steve

  4. I found out about Pac 3 weeks ago, and laughed at it, thinking it was unusable, not knowing it could have given me 150x returns i just 2 weeks…

  5. I was doing this with LTC for a while last year, where one exchange was trading 15-18% below the highest, and that lasted for about a week. However, I did make ~$14k for 3-4 hours work (overall), so it was definitely worth it. At the time I may have been able to do more, but I was afraid it would close up during a swap. Fortunately it all came to an end while I was asleep, so I didn’t get “caught in the door”, so to speak.

  6. Thanks for the information.
    I always bought for wayyy too much.
    I really appreciate that

  7. Excellent. This is gold. Truly good of you to share this. Many wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t blame them.

  8. The only problem is transfer time – those arbitrage windows can also close fast – so YES – it works, but risky if the window closes you paid maybe also a high transfer fee (ex. TRON: HitBTC charges 270 Tron flat for the transfer). But again – it works – just always take the transfer time factor into consideration

  9. so what about Wabi? i know its not under a dollar but i thinj it has great potential with such a low supply

  10. I bought 3 million of it 3 weeks ago, but their website just makes me ill, then I sold it days ago. sad

  11. 0:56 Yeah like 1180x more then half a million marketcap.. math is hard LUL, ps no hate just hardlove

  12. Their deposits take 24 -48 hours, the click to buy button takes 10 minutes. I deposited and by the time I wanted to do the trade my 2.5 btc potential profit was gone due to having no funds to sell due to their delays.

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