BULL RUN Coming!? Bitcoin ETF Could Change Everything – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about the current events in the crypto space. This is a daily segment. You don't want to miss any important news in this volatile market highly affected by news.
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CBOE Files with SEC for Bitcoin ETF

CBOE Application to the SEC for Bitcoin ETF

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Half a million Ontarians own cryptocurrency, says securities regulator, but many don't understand the risks
Half a million Ontarians own cryptocurrency, says securities regulator, but many don’t understand the risks

Bitcoin Awareness and Usage in Canada: An Update

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BULL RUN Coming!? Bitcoin ETF Could Change Everything – Today's Crypto News


  1. but if an ETF were to be confirmed, the market would respond very positively and very quickly – imagine all the wealth that would come flooding in.

  2. Most people at my work have heard of mutual funds, but don’t know what they are. Most don’t even know how to balance their 401k.

  3. let’s come together and have awful expectations so the market will do the opposite, and thus moon will come.

  4. It certainly is possible if the ETF gets approved in August. I think people have witnessed a bear market for so long that many forget just how quickly BTC can run in the opposite direction as well. If we do start to genuinely go up again, the breach of 10k will get mass coverage, while a breach of 20k will see a drastic climb up, as breaking the ATH would likely cause intense FOMO with everyone that sold during the bear market.

  5. “COULD” “Maybe” “Hope””think” ” guess”. No one has a flying clue! It may not come this year at all. Keeps getting lower than expected. So the message should be “Hold” and tap out fir now, go do yoga in the forest and come back in 6 months.

  6. Greetings my teacher have an idea about meinframeMFT coin? thanks we are in pursuit 🙂

  7. Remember when btc went to nearly 20k and everyone wished they had bought early, well maybe just maybe 50k btc next year and people will say the exact same things. Funny old crypto world

  8. Agreed 10k then when btc hits 20k fomo would be huge, also remember alt price would be pulled up with this so insanegains to be had. Do you have the balls to buy now haha

  9. Thanks Mattie, Great content and a lot of Positive news for Crypto, DigiByte Staying in the Green and Coming Up the Ranks.# 31 right now, It will be a top 20 by the end of 2018 & will become a Top 10 by the end of 2019, get it now while still cheap, Peace

  10. I stopped watching your vids because you guys keep putting crap like this up. Everytime I see Soon.TM I laugh now.

  11. im holding a very large bag of litecoin, Just waiting for the fireworks now. Ive got my popcorn ready when the ETF is announced.

  12. hey, what would be the best deal you could negotiate as an ETF manager, a Bitcoin ETF or a DASH Masternode ETF? The creation of a dash masternode ETF fits with an ETF overall mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible to a wider audience.

  13. marcus hart i deff agree when it was 17k i told my self i should of picked up more at 7k now im back at 7 k again lol so im TRYING to collect

  14. hey guys, DASH has 4700 masternodes spread all over the world, hence the cryptocurrency DASH seems to be more promising than BTC

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