Bull Market? ‘Visa Crypto’, 6 Banks to Launch Stablecoins, ChainLink Update, Wanchain and EOS

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ChainLink is making big moves, recently they added a well-known advisor to their team. Visa is also getting more involved with crypto and blockchain. Mattie also gives you the biggest stories from last week, as well as six banks to launch stablecoins with IBM. He will end the video with Wanchain and the integration of EOS.
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‘ #Visa Crypto’ Revealed: Payments Giant Hiring Technical Manager for New Cryptocurrency Project

‘Visa Crypto’ Revealed: Payments Giant Hiring Technical Manager for New Cryptocurrency Project

This Week in Crypto
– Bitcoin Will Rocket Higher in 2019
– Facebook’s Coin Might Be a Cash Cow
– Dash Surges by 12% after PolisPay & Equicex debit card integration
– 26 Million Developers Can Now Integrate Blockchain using Enjin

This was the NEWS (Week 11)

Six Banks to launch Stablecoins with IBM: Bull Market Coming?

Six Banks to launch Stablecoins with IBM: Bull Market Coming?

#Wanchain Integrates EOS and Adds More Stablecoin Support

#Chainlink Talks Smart Contracts in SF with Newest Advisor, DocuSign Founder Tom Gonser

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Bull Market? 'Visa Crypto', 6 Banks to Launch Stablecoins, ChainLink Update, Wanchain and EOS


  1. Timestamps:

    Top News (Week 11) – 0:30
    ChainLink Update – 1:28
    ‘Visa Crypto’ – 3:48
    Six Banks to Launch Stablecoin w/ IBM – 6:17
    Stellar Price – 7:29
    Wanchain Integrates EOS – 7:59

  2. Plastic cards, where they can refuse your payment because its a new transaction type is old tech and they will soon find that real cryptos have already started to take their market share.

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  4. Yes! Have been believing in Stellar since 30 cents, ANYTHING below 30 cents is an easy buy in my opinion, and with the recent news, my statement perfectly makes sense! Stack up before next run, any coins with use case like stellar is a safe bet. Love the daily content! 0x081591764A13E72Aeb6bed098e7DA34063eA8aC4

  5. XLM is born of XRP, both remain centralized and NOT mine-able. Neither coin has any attained valuation besides what some banksters spreadsheet dictates. I agree that it has possible short term potential, but it has no niche staying power. What do you see when you compare it to Dogecoin?

    Now, IBM has voiced interest in XLM. IBM and Wal-Mart began a joint venture in late 2017 regarding live food shipments, unsure if XLM was involved. Zerohedge article by financedude85 covered the IBM and Wal-Mart joint venture, that began in Oct 2017. Wal-Mart Vice President of Food and Safety Frank Yiannas was interviewed, “Tracking time went from 6 days to 2 seconds.”

    Enjin public address: 0x553e1BbFCAAbFe939d584dA1Fa63d27E0c3Bc3e0

  6. dude just stop its not possible with the coins they have circulated. just because u hold the coin and they have so called little 200 small partnerships doesnt mean it will see 20k or even 300k. the nath doesnt make any sense

  7. +edit name lol…never saw a person so delusionally optimistic as u… ignorance is really bliss…i envy this state of being of urs. 😅😅

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