BTC is Bullish, Bear Market is Ending – What is Bitcoin Halving?

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Bitcoin is surging and the upcoming halving might be the reason for this. Mattie will tell you everything you need to know about the halving.
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What Will The Next 'Halving' Mean For The Price Of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Long-Term Price Prediction: How High Halving Gonna Take Us

Bitcoin Long-Term Price Prediction: How High Halving Gonna Take Us


Top 5 Bitcoin price prediction charts for Bitcoin halving 2020

Bitcoin ‘halving’ rally will eclipse Litecoin’s 300% increase

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BTC is Bullish, Bear Market is Ending – What is Bitcoin Halving?


  1. I just want to be able to pay off my parents house and buy my wife a house crypto will change everyone life let’s go

  2. It definitely feels like we at the beginning of a new Bull Market. I look forward to seeing what happens as we approach the next halving.

  3. I just want alts to pump, will there be another alt season? I feel like we may have to wait until aug/sept for alts to even begin to catch up to where they were a few weeks ago in terms of btc value

  4. So basically if you was mining bitcoin when it first came out. At today’s prices someone was getting around 360k, every ten minutes!

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  6. You guys need to understand that this BITCOIN UPTREND is very different than the uptrend in 2017. Now we have the financial institutions and the general public investing in bitcoin and crypto. At this time if you trade bitcoin, do not expect bitcoin to follow your indicators, let’s say from now on, bitcoin will do whatever it wants.


  8. bankera :))) they don’t show their faces 🙂 Lithuanian company with bank licence somewhere on Pacific magic offshore island Vanuatu… 🙂 but at least they are trying 🙂 nem also is a scam. DASH, ADA, XMR the good ones, DASH is best from them, because is widely accepted and traded.

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