BTC Crash – Real Reason, Coinbase BTC ETF & Goldman Sachs FUD – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – the real reason behind the crash no one is talking about, CNBC is hilarious, Coinbase explores ETF, Iran may be a new crypto player, and Catalonia hard forking from Spain and what it means for Bitcoin.

Crypto Market Crash

Samoa FUD


Goldman Sachs Bitcoin FUD|twitter&par=sharebar

Coinbase ETF


Iran Recognizes Cryptocurrency Mining as Industry

Iran bitcoin price

Uzbekistan Bitcoin

Uzbekistan Looks to Lure Crypto Exchanges With New Tax Benefits

Bahrain Crypto

Lightning Network




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BTC Crash – Real Reason, Coinbase BTC ETF & Goldman Sachs FUD – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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  1. What a time to be alive! especially for 20 somethings. Oh the conspirators literally coming to light and the obvious market manipulators. Good Vid. Keep developing that sense of humor

  2. I claim zero expertise in these matters, but in my humble opinion for whatever anyone deems it worth: everyone always seems to be debating on whether or not cryptocurrency in and of itself will succeed or fail, because most people seem to be viewing it more as a market than a software technology. Of course, it is both. But I think the average mundane person tends to underestimate the skills and diligence of software developers, as they continue to learn from their mistakes and through those lessons, they continue to make improvements. Cryptocurrency is dependent upon decentralized technologies so whether or not blockchain itself remains dominant is not so relevant as much as the development of decentralized technologies as a whole. Cars did not remain with the model-a or model-t versions of themselves and in modern present day, the technology of cars well surpasses the capabilities of its humble beginnings. Many people back in the olden days used to assume that the car would never really gain much traction, because most people at the time had little to no use for it. For that matter, in the 1980s and 1990s computers themselves were deemed as something only hobbiests and businesses dealt with, and at that time most people could not have possibly conceived of the Internet we have today. People used to think that Wikipedia was going to fail due to the fact that people were not being paid to contribute information into it. People used to think that free and open sourced software could not possibly be profitable. All new technologies in their beginnings always fall under heavy scrutiny and I think that crypto is no different. Crypto will evolve as all things that have enough R&D always do. Decentralized Technology is the way of the future and yes, most decentralized tech is still at least partly centralized. Which is why the powers who assume they be are able to screw with it. But those same powers who assume they be also fear that the current limitations in the technology will be resolved sooner rather than later and this is indeed a threat to Wall Street and a threat that Wall Street takes with deadly seriousness.

  3. Amazing intro Lark. We certainly don’t need anyone to valid what we already know. ETF Grrrr ๐Ÿคช. Iran stepping it up could go either way with the laws. Not sure what to make of that when they announce their own crypto currency. Of course not saying that’s what will happen in Catalonia but it’s certainly an option that didn’t previously exsist to consider. Thanks brother!

  4. Yeah, I agree. Very creative and I always love Lark’s content. @Lark Any chance to get a shirt with your small bird logo plastered all over it? I saw the 1 of 1 you posted on Twitter . How about it? perhaps a pre-order? I would want in. It would be cute.

  5. Excellent video jam-packed full of Great news
    How do you keep up, Appreciate you keeping us informed

  6. Just herd a report on LBC radio 7:30 am UK time .Telling the nation how much btc has dropped he didn’t have a clue what bitcoin was. Might be funny to add it to one of your videos .It’s a 30 second clip ๐Ÿ‘

  7. Thanks Lark for a light hearted yet serious view of the crypto world – great intro and plausible explanation of recent crash – Keep it up!!!

  8. Yep! Best without Wall Street – Zimbabwe 2017, Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold/Silver confiscation 1933/34 – These are events that ‘traders’ sometimes forget. Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as Litecoin or Bitcoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets! Litecoin mining reward halving 2019! Bitcoin (and BitcoinCash) 2020! Less Bitcoin/Litecoin means upward price pressure! ‘Halving Hatrick’ on the horizon!

  9. Market has to go through its cycles and price need to bottom, sooner the better or this bear market last another year. So expect 5k or 4 or 3 and donโ€™t worry about it

  10. OK – lets assume that if we had a time machine we would see crypto as a success in the future – seems fair. But which crypto? There are thousands. I remember the VHS vs Betamax competition where nobody really knew which would win. In fact, VHS wasn’t the better technology… and it won only temporarily. The really winner was perhaps DVD, or maybe even that was surpassed. Predicting the future with hindsight is easy.

  11. That is exactly my point, hence my car analogy. If we try to assume that the Model-A or the Model-T will become dominant, that is a logical fallacy. We can use hind sight by comparison to other technologies, such as again — the car example. We can compare things that have similarities to other things which have similarities — and though no one can “predict the future” we can at least ascertain probabilities with fairly good accuracy.

    To ask “which crypto?” is not only like asking “which car?” but also like asking “which wheel?”. The original wheel was probably made of stone or wood, but the technology has advanced since those days. Wheels for cars and jet planes are obviously a more advanced evolution of the concept of the wheel. So if someone is trying to ask “which car? which wheel? which crypto?” it is like debating the marital status of the number five on the premise that both the number 5 and marital statuses exist.

    As far as time machines go — in my opinion, we live in a multiverse so that no single brilliant idiot can invent and misuse time travel, create a paradox and single handedly destroy the universe. So the idea of “changing the past” isn’t actually a change of anything, but rather — shifting to a parallel universe in which the event was always supposed to unfold in that way. If you went back in time and killed baby Hitler, it would simply shift you into a parallel universe in which a multiversal traveler was always meant to come from a future parallel back in time to kill baby Hitler. When you return to your own time and your own universe, you’d see that no changes actually took effect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Another issue — whether we’re talking about crypto, politics or any other topic under the sun — is that these days — most if not all debates tend to fall under what I call “The Umbrella Argument”. Yes, that is a metaphor and it goes like this: everyone is debating on which umbrella would be the best umbrella to keep everyone dry. Meanwhile, everyone is ignoring the fact that humanity is standing in 3 feet of water. Whomever noticed this and decides to mention it, is attacked and / or ignored by all sides involved. So what inevitably happens, is that the people who can see that humanity is standing in 3 feet of water, work together to create the solutions. It takes them longer because they do not have the numbers, the backing or the resources to do it as quickly as fortune 500 companies. But eventually, they get it done. They make it trendy. And the rest is history. As Heisenberg once said “the masses never accept anything new, it is simply a fact that the opposition eventually dies” and as Buckminster Fuller once said “if you want to destroy the old, invent the new, and render the old obsolete”.

  13. There’s been another huge centralised database hack Lark. British Airways’ customer database was hacked, and 380,000 of their customers have had their personal data and credit card information stolen. If only there was some kind of secure solution???

  14. Hey Lark, love your work. Requesting a vid on hardware wallets, which one is the best and which one is the best value for money? Are hardware wallets still the safest way to hodl crypto?

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