Blockchain News 16.06.2018

Cryptocurrency’s new platform is based on liquidity, security and reliability

CER aims to fine-tune cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto Exchange is officially ranked by the Ukrainian hacker on Monday, June 18th. The service provides users with access to a variety of metrics for key exchanges within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. has been granted access to the beta version of the platform, which includes a scoring dashboard for sharing comparison with liquidity and arbitrage tabs.

Although not all features have been activated in the beta version, the operating functions appear to work well and provide useful tools for traders looking for arbitrage opportunities or trying to determine the payout limits of various platforms. Anton Kaminsky, Business Development Director of Crypto Exchange Ranks, told that the goal is “to develop a sophisticated tool for crypto-exchange rankings to save time and effort for all market participants”.

CER is for Exchange What CMC is for cryptocurrencies

While platforms like Coinmarketcap provide specific data on exchanges such as 24-hour volumes and most traded pairs, the CER has chosen a different approach. The website, which will be free to launch at launch, will later launch a subscription model, scanning the order book for each exchange in real time to calculate its size. In addition, users can compare prices for each coin on up to five exchanges, view aggregated quantities for up to five exchanges, and check the balances of the platforms’ hot and cold wallets.

While most traders are unlikely to be concerned with cybersecurity ratings, the existence of such tools may incentivize exchanges to improve their service, knowing that their every action is being monitored. Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken who created the platform, said: “Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the whole emerging crypto economy. CER will contribute to its healthier development. We hope that with CER, the exchanges will start taking their cybersecurity more seriously and refuse any bad practices, while users will receive comprehensive tools for smart decision making”.

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Blockchain News 16.06.2018

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