Bitcoin X (BCX )Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Hard Fork

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Super Bitcoin [Futures] and BitcoinX [Futures] are a hard fork of Bitcoin. This hard fork happened and left many people baffled by the deposited coins in their wallets.

Bitcoin X (BCX )Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Hard Fork


  1. I got some of both on Binance and I taught its a scam xD LOL
    Recently found out it is a btc fork 🙂
    Thx Jeff for great infos!

  2. one of the team members are identified and chief scientist… so what, he researches the coin? what the hell is a chief scientist?

  3. Jeff, thanks for all the time and energy you put into sharing your experience. I appreciate the grounding, level headed approach you use to communicate with the community, especially those of us who are new to this.Best-

  4. I read that Coinbase will allow users to collect Forks on Jan 1. I think they were trying to keep it for themselves at first.

  5. Please do a video soley based on verge , everything from front to back thank you for all the info keep it coming thanks

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