Bitcoin Trading Volume Reaches New Highs! Indian Regulations, Tezos Update, Crypto Scams

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Bitcoin trading volume reaches new highs in Thailand, India is considering harsh cryptocurrency regulations, the SEC warns against cryptocurrency scam tactics and, finally, Mattie will tell you how to delegate Tezos’ XTZ with SimpleStaking Web Wallet and Trezor Model T.
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Crypto Buying Frenzy Pushes #Bitcoin (BTC) to New Heights – Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano

Crypto Buying Frenzy Pushes Bitcoin (BTC) to New Heights – Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano

Exclusive: Bitcoin [BTC] doesn’t care about the Bitcoin ETF, etoro’s Mati Greenspan

SEC Warns Against Fraudulent Digital Asset Trading Sites

SEC Warns Against Fraudulent Digital Asset Trading Sites

#India Considering Harsh Restrictions On #Cryptocurrency

India Considering Harsh Restrictions On Cryptocurrency

India is reportedly looking to ban cryptocurrencies once and for all

How to Delegate Tezos’ XTZ with SimpleStaking Web Wallet and Trezor Model T

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Bitcoin Trading Volume Reaches New Highs! Indian Regulations, Tezos Update, Crypto Scams

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  1. I love the fact that we have proponents for trading and not just hodling alone but most confuse buying and holding coins as investment. That’s risky because most commentary about future predictions are wrong. Nobody knows for sure the future with bitcoin or the ALTs and speaking about capitulation and a reversal where the bulls take charge completely, you can only be sure when its already happened. A year ago, we thought it was a capitulation when btc dropped from about $20,000 to $6,000 and it was expected to quickly rebound and find new highs. To do well with cryptos, you need to find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the next resistance which many believe to be in the range of $6000. I got 3.2 more btc last month and now, with the help of Benjamin Jackson’s patterns and signals, I have grown that to 6.3 btc already and I intend adding another 3btc every other month. When bitcoin value eventually starts skyrocketing, I would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. It is no secret Benjamin Jackson’s signals and trade strategy are some of the best and speaking with him for the first time 2 months ago gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his that has really helped me in growing my portfolio. You can reach him via Email(Benjaminjacksontv@gmail) or his Telegram +1(551)257-4137. if you need advice or any assistance to help you trade better

  2. From my little experience, I think you don’t have to hodl and wait for an upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find your way out in time

  3. I remember that time, my stop on Ltc trade was going to get hit @ $165. I told him I wanted to remove my stop loss and just stick it out, thinking it’d bounce. Thankfully he advised not to remove the stop, actually he said “no conviction ” .. no doubt he saved me hundreds $$+Sandra Sheller

  4. His program is amazing, Started trading with his signals 3weeks ago, still yet to make an impressive profit, maybe I didn’t learn well, but am happy the dip does not affect me anymore

  5. +Winston SabestinI agree with you on this. Most smart millionaires have MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS. You cant just solely rely on Hodling or you need to branch off to stay on top, you can’t achieve that doing what everybody is doing

  6. Thank you for your recommendation. Most of us are HODLers but do recognize you have to make a plan to cash in at least a portion when the market goes up by five times, in just a few months! I talked to someone today who was a HODLer but took a trading course just to understand when to cash in. He highly recommended it and I agree. Next time, it is pretty much all up so traders will get REKT.

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