Bitcoin Trading At $8,700 WHAT NEXT? Ethereum 2.0 DeFi Revolution | Chainlink and Tezos Price

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Bitcoin, in the last 24 hours, unhanded 4.9% of its price, dropped another resistance level and at the time of press is trading close to $8,722. This sudden steep decline started at 12:42 pm UTC and hit rock bottom at $8,575.

Unusual selling pressure has been building up in the market. Most probably, it is the weak hands who are creating pressure. As soon as Bitcoin erased its $10,000 price mark, the selling pressure increased.


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Bitcoin Can Correct to 8,200, But can you risk it?
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Tezos (XTZ) & Chainlink (LINK) Costs Slide 10%

Tezos (XTZ) & Chainlink (LINK) Costs Slide 10% — Extra Ache or Purchase the Dip?

Ethereum 2.0

Why gamers get Ethereum

Cryptocurrency in Focus: Ethereum Is on Fire

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Bitcoin Trading At $8,700 WHAT NEXT? Ethereum 2.0 DeFi Revolution | Chainlink and Tezos Price

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  1. Good to see your video again . Ready Time to scoop crypto. YouTube are not taken action against scammer

  2. I’ve been help “Digital Asset News”, YT channel in getting these scammer shutdown. Everyone should help him out as well, to protect and help the crypto-space.

  3. Curious what will happen to the price after the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. Glad to see progress in any projects out there. It’s good for crypto in general

  4. LINK is up 1000% since year already and XTZ is up 610% since last year. telling people that they are “cheap” is irresponsible.

  5. DeFi = bankers using crypto to make a new debt bubble and fractional reserve lending system. say hello to the new boss same as the old boss

  6. OK, is ETH 2.0 the same as Ethereum? In other words, do I just hold my Ethereum, and it will be updated to 2.0? Am I understanding this correctly? Sorry, I’m an idiot, thanks for the help.

  7. I have been watching an ETH ecosystem develop over time and I do believe that ETH will make major gains of growth, I don’t believe that it will destroy bitcoin because they are very different in nature. ETH is a service provider/ utility centric. BTC is the same that it always has been a means of peer to peer store of value. What BTC has become is the universal entry digital asset that the entire market is hedged against. Margin trading is a way to increase the amount of BTC you have in all market conditions. Whether the market is moving up down or sideways a person can have bitcoin gains due to the volatility of trading pairs which as I stated with BTC being the universal medium. That is the only reason that I do not believe that BTC will be overshadowed by anything else. ETH has lot of up and coming competition. That is why I do not see ETH as a good replacement for BTC, even though they are both probably the most widely expected tradable digital assets even with ETH have a growing number of exchanges offering trading pair and ETH margins trading. I think that BTC will always be gold and other ecosystems will be like similar precious commodities. That is not an opinion that I have from any personal interest. I am not a BTC maximalist. That is just the way that it is. Look on CoinMarketCap for yourself. The entire market is hedged against BTC. BTC was just the first of it type and because change creates more risk especially with institutional investors wanting a piece of this market BTC will likely always be the universal exchange medium for trading even though it is far from the best choice of means of peer to peer exchange of value. With the many stable coins becoming a safe haven for the store of value. It is very cheap easy and fast to by some XRP or XTZ and send it when you want to transfer value to a peer or make a purchase if the seller accepts crypto. Yes if you want to keep your privacy, that is becoming more and more important because of nefarious reasons far outside the scope of the traditional and original reasons that in the beginning of the rise of digital assets people wanted remain anonymous. How many of us have our social media accounts set to private or use an alias to project our personal not only information but lives. Back to the point there is a rising market of anonymous digital assets that are becoming more and more popular for very legitimate reasons. I have great hopes for the Zcoin project. The token has a built in tumbler of sorts. When a transfer is made the senders coins are burned and new coins are created for the recipient there for providing the most anonymous way of transferring value that I currently know of. There are some bugs or exploits that have been found. I hope that the issues can be resolved. That would make Zcoin the king of private transfer of value, so watch out XMR

  8. Following yesterday selloff that sent Bitcoin down to lows of $8,700, the cryptocurrency’s buyers have been able to absorb the intense selling pressure and push BTC higher, with it finding some decent stability within the upper-$9,000 region. In the near-term, BTC does appear to be entering another fresh uptrend, as it is currently retesting the $10,000 region against the US dollars, However, making money from bitcoin is so delightful if you know your way around with a working strategy/daily signals as i have been doing with Frank Cole strategy/daily signals on Telegram @ Franktrading99 Last month i was able to accumulate and grow my 0.9btc to 7btc with Frank’s daily signals which you would agree is a very good profits, i would say don’t sell instead grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the Halving. Frank can be reach via mail Franktrading99@gmail. com
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