Bitcoin to Drop Down to $3,000?!

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The support level for Bitcoin has dropped down below its historical low. Could Bitcoin hit $3,000 before the weekend? Mark will take us through the charts and tell us what to look for.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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Bitcoin to Drop Down to $3,000?!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. they have nothing to do with it.. every single market and stock market is crashing not just crypto. we’re all hurt ugh. i understand you gotta blame somebody.

  2. Remember that 3000$ is extremly high and have alot of room to move down.

    Im guessing 500-1000$ in a few months and we back to the “normal” bitcoin price before this 20k bubble happend.

  3. Interestingly, the bear flag that we just broke down from, corresponds nicely with the analysis that I gave, calling for the $1175 area. If we use the current bear flagto generate a price target, you can see that it ends up almost exactly at $1175. So, in addition to having a strong argument from the log chart, for why $1175 is in the cards, we now have a bear flag breakdown, with a price projection that puts us around $1175 as well. When multiple technical indicators on a chart, point toward a similar price target, it increases the technical likelihood that the target will actually be reached. In essence, this is due to the fractal nature of market price action.

  4. I keep telling you guys this sort of technical analysis doesn’t work. You’re trying to treat this as if it was an equity traded on the stock market in which an individual actually owns a portion of the company. Technical analysis on cryptocurrency is merely just pretending and creating content for a YouTube channel.

  5. Organic FUD you are absolutely correct but YouTube content must be created to support the channel. Again, technical analysis does not work for these things they call crypto. But people will jump in and argue and tell me how wrong I am even though I’ve been preaching this since January of 2018 to take your money and run. They will keep telling you it’s a buying opportunity or starting tomorrow Black Friday sale. That’s a funny one Black Friday sale right?

  6. I have to unsubscribe to this channel the YouTube content is pure BS. everybody felt as though they had a special connection to crypto and they were experts because of their price predictions in 2017. The bottom line was you could throw a dart at the wall and make a good price prediction in 2017. There are no experts in this market and it is imploding. PERIOD.

  7. Joe F people only see the 800b all time high market cap but in reality retail investors (us) have lost trillions.

  8. Every week these so called crypto experts gonna give us a new low bottom. We know it already whats comes after 3500

  9. Mark Vidano Right, about as good as going heads or tails on a coin. I’ll guarantee you this much for sure, I’m 100% right 50% of the time😂🤣😂

  10. If you’re a true believer I feel bad for you. Save your damn money before you’re on the streets lol

  11. jiteshsareen if you’re talking about me I didn’t call a bottom. I haven’t called a bottom and I won’t call a bottom. I’ll call a reversal when it comes.

  12. Joe F if you go back and watch my videos you’ll see it’s more like 75% of the time. I’ll take those odds over flipping a coin and keep making my money.

  13. Shilling is a sales term. Jeff never sold any coins. He simply talked about coins that he liked and was buying.

  14. Because nobody ever make a prediction based on technology and business value, all this idiots can do is technical chart analysis. TA is total unintelligent bullshit

  15. ​+Sinny Dragoon u seem to be everywhere commenting.. u prolly bailed out n now ur on here hoping for the worse so u can sleep better at night hoping u made the right decision. Psychology 101.

  16. +Joe F u seem to be everywhere commenting.. u prolly bailed out n now ur on here hoping for the worse so u can sleep better at night hoping u made the right decision. Psychology 101.

  17. +BTC STACKER Why? With money you make money. I personally would love to see Bitcoin back at 20000, but it is their bitcoin and they can do whatever they want with it. Just try to play the game and be profitable by going with the trends. Day trading is very profitable the last few days for me. Make the best of the situation you are given.

  18. +Mark Vidano this is actually a copy and paste job from The author is Magic Poop Cannon and I follow him. He’s been pretty accurate and the bear Market. Calling the fake pumps, Etc

  19. Thank you I see. I’m familiar with poop cannon. I don’t follow him so I didn’t recognize it. Thanks for the clarification

  20. Call it like I see it
    I remember when he was pushing that last year and I looked it up and was telling people in the comments that it was BS. It seemed so obvious that the project was baloney but, everyone was just looking at price and price movement.

  21. I’ve returned to this Channel for the first time since February. I got out of Crypto in January. I took my modest gains and exited. I decided I would just observe Crypto on rare occasion afterward. Looks like I did. the right thing. 😆

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