Bitcoin to $20K, Altcoin Popularity Increases, Major Coinbase News, HPB Update

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Brian Kelly with yet another bitcoin price prediction, traders prefer investing in altcoins, Coinbase launches Visa credit card, High-Performance​ Blockchain joins FomoHunt and Bi-weekly project progress report  and More in today's crypto news.
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47 Percent of Crypto Traders Have More Than 60 Percent of Their Investments in Altcoins

Coinbase Launches Visa Card, Bringing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Crypto Assets to Millions of Users

Coinbase Launches Visa Card, Bringing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Crypto Assets to Millions of Users

Bitcoin (BTC) Will Hit $20,000 Again “Without Question”: CNBC’s Brian Kelly

Bitcoin (BTC) Will Hit $20,000 Again “Without Question”: CNBC’s Brian Kelly

High Performance Blockchain HPB Joins FomoHunt and Bi-Weekly Project Progress Report

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Bitcoin to $20K, Altcoin Popularity Increases, Major Coinbase News, HPB Update

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  1. Maddy excellent commentary on the crypto Block chain assets and current events.👏

  2. Hpb will be a big deal , the team sounds so pro and mature, just real work ! No propaganda no fake promosises

  3. Big news in Eurozone and UK re Coinbase and Visa debit card – 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halvings another day closer……..

  4. Can you guys tell me your favorite exchanges besides Binance and why? Thanks for your time and opinion.

  5. Every time I see videos that say 20k bitcoin, I start shorting.. it’s done me well so far. Thanks y’all

  6. Are you guys like “Baghdad Bob”? Saying the Americans are dying en masse on the radio when they are really right outside your compound? Crypto is going WAY DOWN

  7. Ígneo Blue

    Yes. Cnbc job is always to confuse the retail investors for the benefit of the pros

  8. Jesus XRP

    Next there will be a Coinbase crypto. The exchange coin.

    And then at some point it will also IPO.


  9. В этом году заработать можно будет только на токене Telegram. Это сделает минимум 10 X-ES от первоначальной цены! За 3 дня продано более 80% токенов

  10. From the daily charts, bitcoin had attained a new higher low and retained its bullish structure with its trend inside an ascending triangle, the next potential stop is $5,885. Nothing is stopping us now. The bulls are here and all it takes now to be made is being smart. I remember clearly how foolish it seemed when some of us bought at $3,500 when anticipation was for below $2,000. Now is another chance because, price will keep skyrocketing so the ideal thing to do is to accumulate by buying some more bitcoins and trading to triple that stock before the full blast of the bull waves kicks in. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can ask for assistance from a professional. I personally trade using Mark Sibio’s assistance and the result is unbelievable. My holdings have quad-tripled to over 12btc in just 2 months. I am doing another 3btc before the weekend hoping I won’t be late and my projections with that using Sibio’s system is mind blowing. For all newbies, intermediate and more experienced traders with low profit turnout, I’d suggest you seek his assistance by mail marksibio66@gmailcom and tell him a grateful client of his made referrals

  11. Trading with Mr. Mark was a dream come true, I have earned over 10btc with just one month. I’m so thankful for a friend of mine John McCrory that introduced me to Mr. Mark

  12. So my hunch was correct that you’re Canadian. As a fellow Canadian, I could tell by the way you say ‘about’ – (‘abeh-oot’).

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