Bitcoin Technical Analysis – BTC TA

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After the flash crash, where is Bitcoin going? Mark will be going through new key levels to be watching so that you can make decisions on how to make your trades.

Mark is an active trader and shares his technical analysis of the charts. He is not a professional advisor but shares his knowledge so that you can have a foundation to do your own research and make informed decisions on your investments. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

It will probably be a little sooner, but unless we have another flash crash we should be good…lol

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis – BTC TA

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. How is it manipulation when the rate of fall is same as the fall from 7500$ from the previous bounce. Just see to the left , it is the same rate.

  2. So glad to have come back to Altcoin Buzz. I left for a while because I wasn’t searching for new exciting projects or undervalued coins and FA (which was great when that’s what I was looking for) but the addition of Mark and his straight to the points yet in-depth TA is great and puts ACB back at the top of my list. Love that you’re covering BTC because altcoin TA is ultimately dependent on BTC. Would love to see you cover coins that are best poised for the best bounces on BTC bounce days. Keep up the good work

  3. Gowtham V because back then we didn’t have a decrease in longs by 25% in about 3 hours for no reason and an increase in shorts of 50% in about 3 hours as well very close to each other. As well as wallets that haven’t been active in about 4 years moving money out to the toon of about 8M. To much for coincidence and now we’re hearing that Goldman is denying the rumor that they’re not stoping work on crypto.

  4. please take that picture down we all know what you look like now, it creeps us out. great content though

  5. Btc can’t fall that low, because it would be dead, and I mean literally dead. Btc miners can’t sustain Any profit under $4000, and will pull the plug, if it gets anywhere close to that. I already see a lot of miners are already shutting down the equipment, and waiting for a jump up. I think a lot of the smart big investors realize this, and are pushing the envelope, as to how low they can push btc down, before it triggers another bull market. Obviously a lot of greed!

  6. Thanks for the analysis Mark, very insightful. Am personally holding to buy some more bitcoin hoping I can get more for less but am not so sure how much more It could dip before I can jump in again.

  7. Would like to know your thoughts on Penguin Coin, recently been took over and revived with a new dev team and the swap has just been completed with trading now available on BTC pairing

  8. Feniks finance has 100k+ tps and ripple has approximetly 2k tps.. OMG I’m very surprised that the blockchain will be work with banks

  9. You really need to look at the medium/ long term with the log scale. you might then see something quite different.

  10. Last year young ETH boys with little experience in computer science and mathematics, were talking about replacing Bitcoin by end of the year 2018. Today, ETH is fighting for its own survival.

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