Bitcoin Segwit2X Cancelled

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The drama has come to an end and Segwit2X has been cancelled. Altcoins are rebounding and there is a sense of exuberance in the market.

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Bitcoin Segwit2X Cancelled


  1. First youtuber I’ve heard who understands there were losers in this, I still support larger blocks and would like to see movement towards scailing – looks like i’ll be waiting till lightning and hope that it’s better than i expect it to be.

  2. watched the entire thing……..watched the account rise like a mofo 😉 alts killed it 😉 WELL DONE LARK! YOU THE MAN!

  3. getting closer to half a bitcoin ‘) gaining just 0.01 btc gets me excited! when i gain just that much profit! isnt much to most but its ALOT to me ;)thanks Lark


    So what is exactly going to happen with BTC????
    Is BCH going to be the dominating coin?!

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