Bitcoin Sea of GREEN! Is the Bear Market Finally Over? – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie takes a look at all the goods news that we are seeing at the moment. He showcases how the sentiment might be changing. This is a daily segment.
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Bitcoin Sea of GREEN! Is the Bear Market Finally Over? – Today's Crypto News


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the media. It was all bad press a few weeks and months ago. Now I see mostly positive articles. It’s like they thought it had gone down enough.

  2. +Alex Carpenter Dumbest advice ever. Let say your asset valuation is at 10k in January 2018. If you sell and buy right now at approximately -90%. You could make 9X profit if the price go back to January 2018 level’s. Hold is dumb advice

  3. +Alex Carpenter Bitcoin is Cyberpunk movement against monetary system, i will never trade it for FIAT

  4. Ali point made but also who would expect such a drop in the crypto market, unless ur a skilled trader it’s better just to hold long term and buy the dip to cost avg down ,, u only lose money if u sell , if u truly believe in and love ur investment as I do in litcoin then I have no problem putting $500 a month into the crypto bag at whatever the price is an accumulate an hold

  5. Question?? I’ve heard some analysts say we didn’t enter the real bear market till we broke market structure at 6k. What do you think?

  6. ‘Ive followed you ( Altcoin Buzz) for over a year. The end of the bear market can’t be predicted on the basis of a day or two. I am sure many of your subscribers would rather a more mature approach to your titles. Your content is not airheaded so why are some the titles?????

  7. I missed out on this move sadly, but I still think if the Equity markets keep going down and international problems continue, a crash would cause people to get out of RISKY investments which include Crypto. This is the way it is, bad markets, people pull out of investments to hold more stable cash. Seems to me that a green lightsaber caused everyone to FOMO in causing this rise.

  8. Block chain Jeff couldn’t take it any more. He fell off the bitcoin planet! He was buzzing around last year at this time predicting the future.

  9. Yea I was new last year and stuck on HODL LIFE. Kept being fed info like “we are going back up soon $14000 it’ll turn around… I mean $12000… $10000… $6000” lesson learned

  10. The value of bitcoin keeps going down and it is no surprise following the news and trends but it really pains me when so called analyst keep predicting a rosy road for btc. First of all, the crypto market today is still fairly new, highly unpredictable and mostly speculative. For anyone who is knowledgeable enough and wants to make serious returns off crypto, it is important that you get rid of the misconception of hodling which may not be a bad idea in its entirety, but must be utilized in the appropriate circumstances which unfortunately enough is not crypto today. I would give an example using myself. Within the last 2 months, btc has dropped from over $6500 to about $3400 which is almost 81% nosedive and have transformed into huge loses for those holding to their coins based on wrong forecasts but in same period, i have increased my portfolio from 1btc to over 4btc just in 4 weeks by trading with the right strategy, signals and system. It is only fair i admit i am not a trade guru by myself but i always find the better way to tackle all situations as i am more interested in results than theory. I rely mostly on the services of Mr Dickey Fred for trade patterns and signals at different prevailing market conditions and i have good results to show for. I have also learnt a lot from him which helps me win consistently in my trades. I am spreading this for those who are having issues in making profit from the crypto market. For any question you can contact him on hangout/mail with (dickeyfred562@gmail. com)

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