Bitcoin Scares Banks and Central Authorities – BTC & Crypto News


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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Australian banks screw their custmers, Jamie Dimon still wants to be relevant, Ai Weiwei's studio gets trashed by a fearful central government losing control, and giving back.

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Australain Banks

JP Morgan

Goldman Sachs

Ai WeiWei

China blockchain

Bitcoin Mining Ban

Chinese Region to Shut Down ‘Illegal’ Bitcoin Miners By September

Chinese Central Currency

Will the Chinese Cryptocurrency Overtake Bitcoin?


Indian State Partners with Mahindra to Build ‘Blockchain District’






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Bitcoin Scares Banks and Central Authorities – BTC & Crypto News

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  1. Long live LNN. Very entertaining and informative update. Paxful sellers of BTC are either insane or opportunists. Aloha.

  2. Australian banks screw their customers, yep i feel bent over every-time i dealt with them. From the DogHouse

  3. Hang in all & take a break as Boss Lark said, crypto & bitcoin & banks & sharemarkets are just a game we at times are winners & losers they are all high risk. But think long term and not day to day or week to week or month to month this space is still new and requires us to be long term investors 2019-2020-2030 etc.
    This is not gambling were you win or lose & nothing in the middle which is our position at the moment. We only lose if we buy high sell low & we wouldn’t do that with our homes.
    Sit wait and take in all the good things in this space and stop listening to the negative bears. Love from the DogHouse

  4. Sometimes I think I can smell a big rat as the large multinationals keep taking up blockchain technology and creating patents leaving Bitcoin and the alts as just a vague memory when we look back. I hope not.

  5. Banks are not your friend… Depression is real… Lark is as wise as his hair is majestic.

  6. masternodes are keeping my sanity and are actually a real generator of real money if you were to convert it to fiat which I choose not to………and are an education for survivors, if there were no hard times I never would have delved…….and its a very psychological boost although the portfolio is still overall suffering.

  7. Yesterday I just take another look at the NEM – Wallet. Just to see how much Nem I have.
    Gotta say I just love this Crypto. You can do Namespaces, Mosaics ( your own tokens!) with some clicks, and some other cool stuff.
    Aaaaand Nem is fast.
    Try it out folks. Get used to it and you will love it.
    Lark needs to make NEM-Give aways ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Governments can start their own blockchain projects all they want but it will only be a substitute for the national currency. Controled, inflationary and not interesting.

  9. Banks in Austria made record profits this year and on top of that they become due to EU law 2% of the inflation, which means every citizen of Austria does loose 40% of his money over the next 20 years to banks. On top of that you additionally loose also fractional reserve lending inflation, which can be even more deveastating. Best case scenario is a 40% loss over 20 years and the worst case scenario you do not want to know.

  10. Don’t ever compare him to datadash. Datadash sold out. I don’t even watch him anymore. Way more credible sources who aren’t bought.

  11. Your comment deserves more than a thumbs up, so I’m giving you a HIGH FIVE! Governments’ ability to print money willy-dilly will be neutered by blockchain tech; and their fraudulent/corrupt “sElections” will be no more . . . that is my wish.

  12. James Martinez, Datadash made a mistake early in the year and came clean by his own volition. He’s human, no big deal. His material is genuine and honest and nothing since has indicated that he has ‘sold out’. He is a pillar in the crypto community, especially with over 300k subs.

  13. Ivan Pleva that’s what happens when instead of selling highs people hodl as it all drops and they keep hodling in the hope it will turn around. The problem with crypto is the emotional attachment attitude.

  14. I think the problem with crypto lies in speculative day-trading (where people don’t create ANY value whatsoever) and yeah, emotional attachment attitude plays its role here as well. Imagine people buying crypto primarily to actually use it e.g. for p2p transacting, buying real world products/services with it, etc.

  15. @James Martinez: Because I’m sure that YOU can throw stones at a glass house, as you’re perfect- I’m sure. Be a silly, stubborn brat and don’t pay attention to a person who delivers valuable content- right, wrong or indifferent just because he did something that you didn’t like.

    Newsflash: Adulthood doesn’t work as you seem to be behaving. It’s your right to not watch DataDash, but to come off immature, like you’re doing, is part of what makes retail investors seem like it’s filled with ONLY one demographic of people. Grow up!

  16. Jata Johnson what are tou talking abiut James???? I like both of these guys content. Open your eyes and read my comments well.

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