Bitcoin Ready to Make a Big Move? Enjin Update, Facebook Coin, Ethereum Prediction

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Will bitcoin make a big move soon? Mattie will also update you on Enjin, Facebook Coin, Grayscale as well as take a look at our latest technical analysis on Ethereum.
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Altcoins Start to Dump, Is #Bitcoin Ready to Make a Big Move?

Altcoins Start to Dump, Is Bitcoin Ready to Make a Big Move?

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#Ethereum to $210? ETH Analysis

Grayscale Investment Changed Large Cap Fund: Less XRP (XRP), More Litecoin (LTC)

Facebook Coin raising $1 billion: Largest Stablecoin Coming?

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Bitcoin Ready to Make a Big Move? Enjin Update, Facebook Coin, Ethereum Prediction


  1. Reddcoin, U Network, Apollo, Icon and BABB are really good projects with great features Buy and Hold

  2. Such an interesting thing this bitcoin movement. Also can you do a video on KMD? I feel like it’s underrated. cheers!

  3. +bob ami bob its a fact check the stats the shorts are closing . Were due for a pull back from a huge run up that just took place .

  4. $62,000 for Bitcoin will probably make a simple $100 purchase of Stellar worth 20k, I’m down for this lol


  6. +stephen kennedy I’m praying for that lol I just need 2 more months for it to pull back and forth or just go sideways and then I don’t have to put money back into crypto until it drops after the next bullrun

  7. With bitcoin’s move today to its 5 month highs near $5,080, the transition from bear to bull market appears done and dusted. The trend change would gain credence, though, if and when BTC finds acceptance above the former support-turned-resistance of the 21-month exponential moving average (EMA), currently at $5,200. After today’s breakout, bitcoin (BTC) now needs to move above crucial resistance near $5,200 to solidify the case for a longer-term bull market. A monthly close above that average would solidify the bullish reversal and encourage further buying, possibly leading to a move above $6,000. This could only mean one thing for traders, it’s the perfect time for profit more than what was anticipated. With the right strategy, you can easily triple your holdings before the full blast of the bulls takes effect. Both beginners and well experienced traders must take hold of this chance immediately so there would be no cause for regrets later on. You can do this by finding a great system to trade with where you can copy strategies and signals and one of the best providers of such services alongside coaching in Allan Shaw. His system comes in handy mostly in scenarios like this and I have profited in all market trends (bulls and bears) using his system. *allanshaw1820@gmailcom or +447427159640 (whatsapp)* are his contact details if you would need some serious guidance in making the best use of the current prevailing market

  8. I lost most of my coins because I was hodling but I believed I could make them back with the help of a good strategy and a Strategist. So I contacted the bitcoin guru called Allan Shaw and am on an amazing payroll and his payment and withdraw method is so swift and flawless

  9. +B VV I think you will get your wish.. I believe it will test 6k-ish in the near future but I think we’ll have a pull back and we won’t see a real bull market till we get into the summer

  10. doem people victims of strong storms have lost everything 3JNTnZDYV6vBDfN7KGoBfoGhMKu6EEPqZS

  11. Do not invest in bad coins! Choose only perspective projects! For example ICO Telegram is the best variant ad interim

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