Bitcoin Reaches New Milestone! Ethereum Update, Dent Surge, Binance IEO – Crypto News

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Bitcoin is now the 8th largest currency! This is yet another achievement for bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry. Billy is also looking at Etheruem and Metlife, the recent Dent surge, as well as the latest Binance IEO Elrand.
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#Bitcoin becomes the 8th largest world currency!

Bitcoin marks another milestone; records a higher monetary base than South Korea, Australia

Bigger Than Russia – Bitcoin Now 8th Largest World Currency

DENT surges! Now live in Senegal

#Binance IEO 'Elrand' causes ATH in BNB!

Insurance Giant to use #Ethereum Blockchain

Mike Novogratz bullish on BTC –

Mike Novogratz Tweet –

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Norm Macdonald Tweet –
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Bitcoin Reaches New Milestone! Ethereum Update, Dent Surge, Binance IEO – Crypto News


  1. Look into SafeHaven, they’re about Inheritance within the blockchain space, they were on Ethereum but migrated to VeChainThor due to scaling issues for one but also the benefits of what VeChainThor allows with MPP

  2. I read about the card issues for Europe, ARBITRAGING launched their card today, available worldwide and they also white label as well for any company, JOHN MCAFEE has ordered his cards. Partnerships for the debit cards include TD, BWI Bank AND Vintech. They are no KYC and you can use them with your bank debit cards by using the QR scan technology. We can now spend our crypto anywhere!

  3. I think only a very few Alts are set for a run up. Cardano specifically with Shelley dropping this Friday. I’m expecting it to get some public use time, letting it adjust in and see how it goes and if it goes well then pop up. If any bugs appear then a slump down. I’ve been watching Charles Hoskinson’s AMA’s which are like 30mins- 2hours long sometimes so i set them on 1.75x speed and the Cardano blockchain seems pretty solid.

  4. Blockchain insurance settlements looks like another place that can benefit from LINK 😝

  5. Is that it for comments? Jesus. If libra goes through, it will be like most push ups and, will only help the space. But once the facade is uncovered, fiat is fiat, flat and simple. Going down in value no matter how you weave your baskets.
    Dent, never got into it, and suppo tried hard. Already consolidating back into btc eth and ltc, from the 40 I was sold into in 2017. not waiting for the run up on some. Forgot your other questions, but basically long btc especially because it is going from 8th to 7th. And so on 👍

  6. Bitcoin is now widely accepted and also a good investment which yields good return on investment but also very volatile and not predictable. So it’s very unwise to just hodl without a good strategy waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket so you can have a payday which might end up not happening because of the volatile nature of Bitcoin. Now the price seems to be increasing and has finally break the $9k resistance, what you should do as a good investor is to have an efficient strategy of accumulating and increasing your Portfolio just in case a correction occurs and the price goes low so you can still make profit and if finally the price sky rockets to the moon you would have a good stock in your portfolio…. My advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Cedric’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors/newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 11btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on cryptocedricdahl @gmail or telegram @cryptocedric1 or whatsapp; +1 317 763-8594.

  7. Cedric has the best strategy in the market at the moment, i recommend him for anyone who is trying to make some money trading.

  8. i am so happy i saw this post today, i will finally have someone to guide me as my trading experience is very smal, i just contacted him.

  9. I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies, but if Libra gets big because of Facebook backing it, will it be able to eliminate other cryptocurrencies?

  10. Its a stable coin pegged to fiat. It wont rise above the current value of the US dollar. Its not supposed to moon in value but just be used as digital fiat

  11. If I had a dollar for every time I looked at Bitcoin in a day, I’d be a millionaire in less than a month. 😂

  12. I love the way we can talk about a DENT price “surge” while it’s still woefully low compared to highs… BTC at 50% of its ATH on the other hand…. Time to drop the sh+tcoins, this is a brave new chapter of your life, it’s called “bitcoin”….

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