Bitcoin Private – Community and ZK-snarks Combine

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Giuseppe from Bitcoin Private and I discuss the fork, the name, privacy, community, mining, merchant adoption, and much more!

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Bitcoin Private – Community and ZK-snarks Combine


  1. Lark is one of the best interviewers out there. Possibly the best. Always appreciated. 🙂

  2. First bitcoin fork presentation I have seen that isn’t trying to topple Bitcoin but compliment it. Great interview that has increased my interest in Bitcoin Private.

  3. good interview, and cool review on Bitcoin Private guy, cool to see the guys behind the projects – good job sincerely Exciting World Cryptos

  4. Great interview on both sides. This is how it’s done!!! Stay classy guys and long live the blockchain.

  5. BTCP has a spectacular team. Giuseppe is a stand up guy! Thank you Lark for bringing us this excellent interview!

  6. Great interview but what do you think Mr Lark is it one for our piggy bank. Yes i know opinion comes with disclaimer. Cheers from doghouse

  7. Great interview, Giuseppe! Well spoken and genuine, imo. Thanks for bringing it to us, Lark!

  8. btcp is awesome…transparent team means successful coin. Any exchange should be crawing and knocking at our door to list us!

  9. I am one of your followers and you always nail it in your interviews with no exception to Btcp. Very informative and I am very impressed with btcp. Bitcoin private sounds awesome and I can’t believe at this within 2 months of the fork they managed to work with Ledger Nano S for the coins to be stored in there as well as all other cool stuffs going on like merchants are coming. I definitely will buy some more on before the big exchanges list them and hodl.

  10. Very impressive interview, great questions and great presentation of things. Giuseppe you are on point and asset to the team, nicely done.

  11. It is crazy that other coins have to wait SOOOOO long to get ledger integration! Thanks for taking the time to comment by the way!

  12. Didn’t know anything about this project aside from seeing it’s name around. Really informative!!! Thanks Lark!!! This is one of your most entertaining project interviews to date. You both have a good sense of humor. Also, shout out to Giuseppe! Thanks for coming on man.

    -Kilana Kyasuta

  13. BTCP is certainly a great project supported by very skilful people. Great to see its been listed on HITBTC now being the first big exchange to support the coin!

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