Bitcoin Price Good News! Time to Buy BTC? [Crypto 2021]


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Bitcoin good news! Time to buy BTC? Crypto 2021
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0:00 Today in Bitcoin 0:42 Bitcoin Analysis
6:27 1.5 Billion Dollar Bitcoin Buy
9:17 Big Bitcoin Upgrade
10:50 Another Country Going Crypto
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Bitcoin Price Good News! Time to Buy BTC? [Crypto 2021]

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  7. Yesterday he was saying eth all the way. Buy eth buy eth! However today is bitcoin. These people more money with their videos than with crypto currency.

  8. Hahaha M. Saylor is a crazy freaking genious! 🙂 Love to get my daily dose of Lark!

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  11. Just remember, Backwardian Options end soon and the bears have already priced in lower… they will do everything they can to break the uptrend.

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  13. You’re defs one of my favourite crypto commentary avenues. Keep up the good work mate 🙂

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  15. Haha… tons ETH and BTC but in form of LINK, BAND and DEFI like Comos, CRV, Matic /ADA/ KUSAMA

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  17. First there was an ICO boom, then Defi, then NFT, and now everyone is crazy about RJV12 algorithm

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  20. I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price, I would like to invest but I’ve got no idea on how to make good profit. Pls what’s the best approach you’ll recommend?

  21. Watch the video from a week or so ago about how to invest your first $1000. It is a good spread of solid projects

  22. Wow intresting. I’m a newbie. Please how do I reach out to them? Investing is better off than saving my money in the bank. How much profit could €2000 investment, yield me?,

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  25. I’m waiting for tomorrow to go all in with my holdings I know it will give way in a positive way too.

  26. Always backup your trading with a good strategy, else the bear market will hit you so hard

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  32. Ohh nice, access to good information is what we investors needs to progress financially and generally in life. i think here’s a good one and I will give it a try. thanks

  33. I appreciate the awareness here on YouTube, how do i begin this or join the group?. i lost a lot of money to xrp recently and i dont trust ripple anymore

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