Bitcoin Price at CRITICAL POINT! BTC to $15,000 or $8,700 NEXT? Technical Analysis

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Has the Tether pump stopped and is BTC doomed to revisit lower prices, ending this parabolic run or is $15,000 the next target?

New price targets are being established on the chart and Mark will take us through the new targets for Bitcoin as a new week gets started.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose. He also suggests listening & looking at many different perspectives to formulate an opinion.
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Bitcoin Price at CRITICAL POINT! BTC to $15,000 or $8,700 NEXT? Technical Analysis


  1. I vote a mini- bull run to $25K !! The power of FOMO is strong with this asset class.

  2. I recommend all of you to take part in free distribution of ChainLink coins on *linkairdrop.

  3. I already told you guys that this tether printing wasn’t an coincidence. We are going to 15k in a matter of days!!!! Look at the big picture people and leave the your feelings out.

  4. Hello sir do you know Darren ford is he professional trader if yes then can you share his details please 🙏
    I’m very big fan of yours cause i made lot’s of profit this year cause of you 😘😘

  5. Henry miller thank you for the nice comment. I don’t know Darren ford. Sorry.

  6. mohamed ouhibi math behind what? Math is used in the indicators. But the charts are all made up of trading data.

  7. Not retired. He’s on every once in a while still. He’s working on a new project and his new house. Still around!

  8. @Old Man Crypto the math behind the methods he is using to predict what happens to the charts obviously, not behind the data lol

  9. @mohamed ouhibi It isn’t math, it’s theory that has been used for many years. Things like chart patterns, candlestick patterns and alike are based on probabilities not absolutes.

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