Bitcoin News – Panic, Coinbase, Mining, & more

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Today in Bitcoin new – we explore why the prices are dropping and if we need to panic! Regulations in the EU, USA, and Belarus, hacking, and much more!

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Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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Bitcoin News – Panic, Coinbase, Mining, & more

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I’ve been holding BTC for more than 3 years and saw all ups and down, I diversify my portfolio when market goes up or down with altcoin or sale at high and buy at dip.

  2. Lovin it. Was able to get in a double dip to add to my LTC stash. Christmas came early. We needed this. Bring it.

  3. Kind of like the cops performing an internal investigation….which always results in zero fault on the part of the policeman

  4. I find it interesting that many people’s first reaction is to immediately sell upon a coin dropping even 10%.
    If you truly believe in a coin it becomes an opportunity to pick up more cheap, if the project is good it will always recover and usually very quickly.
    It is a well known fact that Privacy coins are expected to see some of the greatest gains in 2018 as the marketcap for them is expected to increase 1000%, yet (while not dipping as hard as others) people are selling in panic?
    For example one of my Privacy coins (DeepOnion) is expected to increase 20x or more over the next 12 months, what is a temporary 10% loss, especially when it has actually gone 500% over the past month?

    Regulations is another indicator of the rise in Privacy coins, if you are going to store a large portion of your liquid assets, you might as well do it as anonymously as possible and you have a good chance of keeping it away from governments knowledge.

  5. I agree with you but do keep in mind that there are many investors that are no stock traders with a lot of knowledge. They just read that Bitcoin is doing well and want to earn some quick buck as well, without doing extensive research before they invest, so when the bitcoin collapses, they freak out and sell. Also many just look at short term investments instead of long term I guess.

    I do believe that privacy coins are growing big time in 2018 since privacy is getting more and more popular worldwide, not only in crypto world but in everything really, so it is no surprise that most of my coins are focussing on privacy. I do see a bright future for DeepOnion, but do think that X20 is a bit low for 2018. A lot of features will be released in the next few months, airdrops will be over so they will being listed on more and bigger exchanges, and their community is growing fast, so I would say that we will see X20 before Q3 2018 and X30 before the end of 2018 at least!

  6. Could you explain 0x (ZRX) and Tierion (TNT) services? They look promising. Thank you much for the informational videos!

  7. Hey Lark, nice train ride 😀 I’ve bought some BTC on coinbase on 22nd and its still pending… Its really annoying and I’m sure that once they put it in my account it will take another few days to send it to my exchange to buy some alts. It really needs upgrade, 3-4tx/sec? thats too low BCH is like 27tx/sec. That is still not good i’ve recently invested in DeepOnion and they have 64tx/sec plus are a privacy coins which seem to have big pumps lately, DeepOnion went up like 40% yesterday. Do you have any concerns with fast tx privacy coins?

  8. I agree with you Vokain. BTC transactions are really slow unless you’re willing to pay outrageous fees. Also checked DeepOnion which you mentioned and I think this is a very good privacy coin and has fast transactions too. Already started hodling this because their roadmap is achievable this 2018.

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