Bitcoin News – Iceland, France, Australia, and Jared Leto

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This week in Bitcoin land – Australia banks say yes to Bitcoin, France's Mr. Bitcoin is skeptical, Iceland floats taxing mining, Jared Leto talks Bitcoin, Bitfury backed Hub 8 is going public, and much more !

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Bitcoin News – Iceland, France, Australia, and Jared Leto


  1. love the new video schedule never change man honest youre style is perfect and other crypto-tubers change the bigger they get. you haven’t. please don’t lol

  2. I’m feeling the future of crypto again. This is really happening.

  3. Jared who? Keep up the good work mate .
    What is happening with nexus, wepower, and Smartcash?

  4. They don’t want people gambling on platforms they don’t control. And since they don’t have any crypto gambling sites set up, well you know the rest.

  5. 3JkfmtmMRcYvjg2xdXGcJi9GSqemTekYyv

    Great news roundup…keep up the good work…everyday – quick and concise is perfect.

  6. Bill Barnes lmao , I almost spat my beer 🍺

    Ned Flanders meets Ron Jeremy, I’m only playing lark but it is fucking funny

  7. Hello Lark, how are you?
    I always watch your videos in the morning!
    Thank you!!
    BTC = 1HYvqEepgHBHpayXwZv5JUVNJe4A3NGbPD

  8. Hey Lark! Thanks for keeping me updated in a non bias way in the cryptocurrency world! You are the best!

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