Bitcoin Halving Analysis. Justin Sun Delays Warren Buffet Meeting!

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Bitcoin's upcoming halving; is everyone wrong about how btc price will react? Mattie will analyze the halving as well as talk about Justin Sun delaying the dinner with Warren Buffet. We also have a few #AltcoinNews today; SafeX, Energi, and HPB. Finally, Mattie will talk about 7 CEOs sharing their opinion on the future of Bitcoin.
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HALVING ‘MYTH’: Is everyone wrong about the #BitcoinHalving ?

Post-Halving Bitcoin to Hit $100,000 in 2020? It’s Unlikely, Data Shows

#WarrenBuffett ’s Charity Lunch With Crypto Investor Justin Sun Is Postponed

ENERGI OVERVIEW: Digital Currency for World Adoption [Sponsored]

ENERGI OVERVIEW: Digital Currency for World Adoption

Safex Dev Update: July 22, 2019

7 CEOs on the Future of Bitcoin

HPB the First Public Chain to Join Major Chinese Multi-Platform Credits & Rewards Points System

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Bitcoin Halving Analysis. Justin Sun Delays Warren Buffet Meeting!


  1. Who keeps Ethereum? Pay attention to the dividend program, it is possible to receive 12% per month free of charge on

  2. What a great video…love that they are bringing Energi to the world, while making it as safe as possible. Love how the treasury is set up and that it will help start ups. Go for it Energi!!

  3. The team behind this project truly is dedicated to achieve every single goal they’ve set for this project. And the support they give to their community is unbelivable. They make evertyhing so easy to understand, especially for those who are still “New” in cryptoworld. NRG is game changer. I am sure 💪

  4. Another awesome review about Energi. No doubt Energi is the leading crypto currency today. That is because of team hardwork and dedication. And we are very excited with the launch for energi 3.0 and Energi Xchange with 0 fees and that would be amazing. Keep it up Energi team.

  5. World mass adoption is the key and Energi is the first crypto-currency that took correct approach to i this in near future. Their goal goes beyond other current top crypto-currencies. Congrats goes to the team and the community.

  6. Great overview of #Energi ! It seems like every day somebody new is talking about this project. I guess that is a good sign when their goal is world adoption. The treasury, defense, EnergiX exchange, staking, and masternodes all bode well for this goal to be met. Thanks for helping us become aware of promising projects. $NRG

  7. Great review of an excellent project. Energi’s tresury is a great system that allows for exceptional independence in decision making on investments. Personally, I can not wait for the Energi X – exchange without fees. For such ideas, the team really needs to have a slightly larger vision than the one currently visible in the market.

  8. Great Review About Energi. I learned so much from this video! Energi Treasury funds are higher than Dash allowing it to invest in talented developers pushing its futures exchange project, I am so excited about this as well as the roll out of Energi 3.0 Smart Contracts.No doubt why energi is one of the fast growing project in crypto space.

  9. Hi Matty, first time hearing about Carolyn Seet so I checked out her blog. Looks like she knows a thing or 2 about how to GIT R DONE so Energi made a great choice is having her as their VP of Operations!

    Didn’t know about the Treasury History! That’s being pretty transparent… so anybody can check out what they’re using NRG for… look at that Total Unspent Treasury Reserve! Looks like they won’t have any problems getting the right devs, programmers & support to create, maintain and grow Energi 3.0 and Energi-X Exchange!

    The Energi Discord is a FUN place to hang out in and collect some Rain & Stake (lots of non-Energi admins ‘rain down NRG’ btw) You can learn a lot about Energi, enter Fun contests & play community games, chat – people are actually getting to know each other, collect, stake and share NRG. So when the article mentions that they currently have ~30 FT & PT contributors but are looking to expand to 100 active contributors… there’s lots of room to get involved! [It’s interesting what they’re doing with SMURFS. And Bananas. Guess only discord peeps would know what this is all about (^_^)]

  10. What a nice review about energi, I have been staking NRG Coins and have to say you won’t find anything similar in the market with the returns like this it has been doing tremendously well the team is highly motivated in making this an even bigger success then it already is which is so nice to see as many Crypto’s lack a solid team. I’m really looking forward to ENERGI X there fee free exchange which is coming real soon.

  11. I’ve been following Energi since the start of the year and it is truly a unique project that aims to be accessible to all and is incredibly community driven. I’ve acquired all of the NRG that I own for free through their Earndrop campaign, received through their Discord rain channel, and through staking. Energi has some of the best rewards for staking and masternodes, so it’s a great way to earn passive income! Their well funded treasury has allowed them to make smart marketing decisions which has driven this coin into the top 100 and saw its price increase substantially as its popularity grew this year. I can’t wait for Energi 3.0 and the launch of their no-fee Energi X exchange, which is yet another way that Energi continues to make itself even more accessible. Thanks for the great review!

  12. Energi is by far the most revolutionary and interesting project on the scene. The Energi team is taking all the right steps in bringing this cryptocurrency to everyone along the path to worldwide adoption. Energi will be using dApps written for Etherium in a matter of months and, when their exchange with 0 fees will be operative, everyone will know about NRG!

  13. One of the very few channels that doesnt use a massive amount of ads in a video. Ty. Also , great video as usual 🙂

  14. I don’t think I’ve seen a more bullish partnership in crypto than what $HPB released today, period. This isn’t just a MOU, it pushes actual adoption

  15. hearing that Justin is being held in China and not allowed to leave and the illness is made up.

  16. Energi is amazing. While staking your NRG you get a 60% annual ROI, all while holding the keys to your coins. Best passive income around.

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