Bitcoin Crashing… WTF Is Happening?


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Bitcoin price crashing, WTF is happening? Bitcoin analysis & crypto news
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Bitcoin Crashing… WTF Is Happening?

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  1. Today Michael Burry saying that bitcoin was going down as the Feds wouldn’t put up with BTC as a currency- then Michael Saylor came out and said BTC was never a currency but a store of value and tomorrow Elon, Cathie Wood, etc are all speaking at some digital meet

  2. In short: We don’t know what’s going on, or what’s going to happen, its going to dump, and its going to pump, that’s all we’ll ever know. If you’re in this game, just HODL.

  3. Time to rearrange some finances and buy some more. I’m stayin’ in no matter what.

  4. I guess I have the opposite mentality, when I see it keep dropping, I just keep picking up a little more. $20 here $100 there, this is the perfect time to pick up some crypto if you missed the other dips or crashes

  5. I’m not afraid to buy mid twenties but I brought so many dips I’m down to loose change to invest lol, now just HODL till the next ATH see you then.

  6. I’m sure most of those people that bought $60k would love to buy now but they blew there load fomo’ing in and do not have any money left.

  7. My ledger got hacked and I lost all the ETH AND BTC I thought a ledger can never get hacked

  8. Im bullish still. Theres too much good news about Bitcoin this year. If you can hold on then you will be handsomely rewarded

  9. This is the first time I’ve even looked at the crypto prices in months. I’ve lost thousands (unrealized), but I’m not sweating it. I would buy more right now, but I have other things that I need to save it for. I’ll check back in a few weeks. Hopefully, we’ll all be breaking even soon. Play the long game!

  10. It’s Crypto Christmas baby! I’m right with you on Solana! Matic is a handout right now as well.

  11. Major reversal coming at the end of July. When the masses think x is when y happens. Invest prudently

  12. I’ve lost lot of money selling in panic and with FUD only to see the prices going up again and me investing with FOMO.

    In 2018, I went in to so much loss, I’d be down to 80% of my investment. The loss is so low, that it doesn’t make sense to even dump. I left the coins in exchange and didn’t bother about them for 3 years.. Fast forward 2021, almost all my left over coins gave me profits and my investment have become 4x..

    Its natural to get the feeling of selling with FUD. But, I’ve learnt things the hard way, I am not going to repeat the same mistake again and again. I’ll control my nerves and HODL. ..

  13. @G Andok Time will come when that looks cheap, lets hope its not to fair in to the future though, just get it earning interest could be the only saving grace.

  14. I dont think cryptos will be moving up with the kind of speed we are used to anymore. Which is not a bad thing necessarily! More stable. But we have to adapt as a culture and get used to rallying like that and not get cold feet when a good day is %5 and not %20

  15. I have been watching this channel for a longtime. I am happy that I converted to stable coins before the cross death happened and able to convince my friends to do the same. Knowing how to do your own TA by yourself is important. I don’t just watch crypto videos but dyor is important.

  16. There is a lot of great news, but it’s not reflected in the price right now. People just need to have patience

  17. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

  18. Same here. Just purchased more ADA this morning. These prices are great and I am in it for the long term investment.

  19. 18:50 I love how Larks gestures and facial expressions along with his emotions fit perfectly to what he wants to say! 🤣

  20. Solana is trash, it will become irrelevant and wont make the bear market…too late to the game….brand is what is important, look at algorand, that’s solana’s brother….stick to ada or eth

  21. Number one rule of Wall Street. Nobody – and I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or if you’re Jimmy Buffet – nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles.

  22. I don’t think he ever claimed BTC was going to go up short term. Long term is a different story.

  23. Things don’t look good, for at least the short term. BTC keeps crushing our dreams. BUT, damn right I’m buying more,
    I love you Bitcoin, stop breaking my heart ❤️.

  24. buying when theres a big dip is what you’re supposed to do, its just that all the weak hands who come and buy into the hype when its up 100% cry and thats all you tend to see, so they give the impression youre supposed to buy something when the price sky rockets when thats not the case, always buy dips, not the all time high

  25. Isn’t it funny though how most only get excited to buy when it’s raging but when it drops below 30k people are like no way. Lol.

  26. No one knows where the bottom is so I agree with the first comment keep accumulating now whilst you still can, the next super cycle wether it’s 6/12months is gonna be fucking huge

  27. I mean, we said the same about those who bought it at 20k too. Eventually they made out if they didnt panic sell

  28. Can you tell me the name of the tune you use at the end, sounds very familiar, thanks 👍

  29. When in doubt, zoom out. We are still up 50% from 2017 ATH. When you look at it as a multi year long term investment, you just DCA a little on every major dip. How many ppl believed BTC will recover from 3k and go aaaaall the way to 60k? The same people who didn’t believe that could happen, will bite their nails when BTC finds its current bottom and eventually does another 10-20x from there in a few years.

  30. People need to RELAX. Price never equals value. Crypto can’t be stopped….it’s already overdue. These are labor pains. We’re seeing AI, trips into space, missions to Mars, neural implants…but we’ll never get past exchanging paper money…through a bank?! Seriously? It can’t be stopped. Be grateful you’re in the early stages to realize the eventual benefits …but gotta give it time.

  31. None of these ‘micro’ FUD stories will have any impact on the long-term value of crypto. You’re not losing $ unless you sell…you’re only losing time waiting for the ‘bounce-back’.

  32. This is the “scam” behind crypto.. the whales and influencers get you/us to buy the dips with the promise it is going up. Knowing all along it’s a bear market and going to crash. So when it does crash, you/we don’t have enough money to buy it super low at life changing prices.. so Iv learnt anyway

  33. This is more of a reason to buy the next dip. It’s like DCA getting your average buy lower.

  34. The ways it’s being “regulated” doesn’t appear to be intended to gain the trust of the market participants. They’re looking at the wrong points to control like they’re trying to turn it into what it is not intended or should ever be.

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