Bitcoin Cash Vs. Satoshi Vision – Hash War Over – Crypto Market Price Suffers

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The Bitcoin Cash hash war has come to an end, what does it mean for the wider crypto markets? Is there any reason to keep investing in BItcoin Cash?


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Bitcoin Cash Vs. Satoshi Vision – Hash War Over – Crypto Market Price Suffers


  1. Idk who won. But I am pretty sure we all lost. Crypto credibility took another serious hit with all this BS.

  2. Nice work, Lark. BCH and BSV are on the wrong end of the “decentralized” spectrum. Perhaps the SEC will take a look at the centralized nature of those two securities, errr, I mean coins.

  3. Love your channel and your work. Having that said, I have a completely different view on Bitcoin SV, the vision behind and the ability to raise the game to an Enterprise level. Let’s see. Early days. BSV has shown some SOLID volumes on Binance which interest me. Cheers! -Joakim Holmer – SVodl

  4. +The Crypto Lark Absolutely. I seriously think BCH is gone and it will be a proper battle between BTC and BSV. Let the best team win. Love it. Look forward to see you again here Lark. Cheers. Joakim, Byron

  5. Hey Crypto Lark, man i’m copping it big time from my work mates, being hodling my coins, i wish i could full forward, sick of being laughed at.

  6. Lmfao… Money burning orgy indeed brother. Sad how little they care about Bitcoin for how much they’ve preached about it’s true vision.

  7. Yeah, some people like to put people down when they are struggling – those kind of people suck – we are here with you

  8. If there’s one way to dilute a cryptocurrency it’s by way of a hardfork. Developers just can’t get enough of it. Why? Greed my friends, simple greed– the primal factor in most cryptocurrency shenanigans.

  9. I think market crash was due to bakkt overestimating the amount of bitcoin they needed to hold due to decreased interest and/or needing to lower the price point for their contracts. It many cases it literally only took millions of dollars to tank the price by several thousand. just my .000000002 btc

  10. heys, i see you are a bit reserved on btc mining and its power consumption… hopefully this will help…
    1) efficiency of electronic will increase mayb not following moore’s law anymore but it will nonetheless..
    2) renewables are being adopted ever so slowly but is being adopted nonetheless… since fossil fuels are finite it will run out one day and we will have to find a better alternative to power.
    combining this 2 makes the worry about mining and hash rate seem a bit premature as many make assumptions about the increase in mining but never about the real world circumstances that will change along with that…
    just my 2 sats..

  11. Now, you guys should try this they tokenize people’s phone use! If you don’t think that’s cool then think again!

  12. But last time there was a fork the price went up 20X. Im bearish on ripple. If they succeeded with there plans for ripple wouldnt the ripple corporation be extremely powerful? Too powerful?

  13. Why do you think that hash war had an impact on the crypto market cap? Correlation does not always imply causation

  14. +Akash Chopra I disagree. If you’ve followed the history of bitcoin you would know this is the umpteenth time this has happened. Bitcoin is resilient, but where it goes nobody knows . . . not to zero as it has too many uses. And you are right . . . they are bastards. All of them. But you only lose if you sell. Based on my own knowledge and perceptions of the markets all you might require for a healthy retirement is just one bitcoin. The other bothersome thing is when bitcoin goes down, so does every last alt coin. Sucks the big green weenie, but what the hell . . . I don’t mind as long as I don’t choke on it.

  15. +chilix vibe The only problem I see with ripple, being a bankers coin, is it’s a bankers coin. Better to be bearish than bullish although I know a few people who did well in it.

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